Sunday, January 27, 2013


No, not that kind of 'whatever', with the eye roll and head toss, that seems to be so popular these days.

I'm talking about this kind...the Jesus kind....the original   whatever....from Phillipians...

Whatever is true, 
whatever is noble,
whatever is right, 
whatever is pure,
whatever is lovely, 
whatever is admirable -
if anything is excellent or praiseworthy --
think about such things.

Philippians 4:8

I am a little bit in love with subway sort of art right now and have been doing canvases with paint and words and felt - my version of subway sort of art.  
Here is my 'whatever' :

Can you see the felt parts?  The heart and this....

So, WHATEVER is sort of my word for the year.  I thought it is a good choice because in this context you get all those other word, too!  Yay!

My e-friend, Marla, has a sister, Bethany, who makes banners (you can find her at Banners By Bethany on facebook) and donates 50% to a project in Cambodia.  I got her to make me a banner that says....
Isn't it amazing?

Now, to train my brain to think on these things.....

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Birthday Beginning

I have said it before and will no doubt say it again...I love beginnings and sometimes I need them more than once a day!

Tomorrow is my birthday.

Birthdays are a great time to begin refocus, to reflect.  57 isn't one of the BIG birthdays, smack dab in the middle of two of the BIG ones, but not a 'five' or 'zero' birthday.

I have found myself in a bit of a season of reflection.  I have grown closer to God and closer to friends who are like family.  I have learned to love my husband even more than before...who knew that was even possible?

I am in a peaceful place.
I am in a creative place.
I am in a giving place.

Now, I am feeling a call to refocus a work out from my peaceful, creative, generous shine my light....
It is always a little bit scary and a little bit thrilling when you tell God you are ready and ask him to lead you to the work he has for you, but I think that is where I am.

I think I am ready.

This might be a fun year!

Hopefully, this post next year will be from inside our new home...ahhhhh.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Craft Space(es)

So, these pictures might give you an idea of why I am SO excited that in the new home there will be a dedicated crafting area....for me!  The little husband will also have his wood workshop outside in its own building.  Oh yeah.

This was my craft table this morning...well, honestly, this is what it looks like too many mornings when I am in creating mode...
My handy little husband made me the table and the chair and Skippy Jo is up there supervising more often than he is really needed.  So much stuff that I really do try to keep corralled!
And lots of stuff that just makes me happy - like this...

Stella Skeleton riding Gozo!  So much to love!

After a day of tidying it looks like this...
Please tell me you can notice a difference.

Now, you may be asking how I produce such wonderful and amazing craftiness with what you see here.  Well,  there are a few other places that I have supplies stashed.  Different rooms.  Wanna see?

The 'spare' room.  How did it ever get that name?  Who has rooms to spare?
Not me, for sure!

And the built in book case in the living room.  Had to get rid of some books to have room
for the plastic storage tubs...all nicely organized by color of felt or by craft,  
thank you very much.
There are things tucked in a few more places that were just a bit
too embarrassing to show you.

A happy little Christmas tree...home from school, but not put away yet.

Oh, yes.  I have big plans for the craft space in the new home...BIG plans!  Can hardly wait.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

A Gift

I realize that my creative ability is a gift from the creator God and I love when I get to use my gift to do God's work in my little corner of the kingdom.

Sometimes it is to bring joy, like I hope these did.
Drawing by one of my favorite 5th graders....turned into a woolie.

Another favorite 5th grader who is longing for a horse of her own, who she will name Jasmine.
I had to give Jasmine all 4 legs.

 (photo by Samantha)
(photo by Samantha)
My friend, Samantha already got her horse dream to come true.

Sometimes it is to patch a broken place...a hole in one's heart.

I made 2 of these for my sweet friend Rachel 
so that she can still hold Laurel's hand 
whenever she wants to.

Sometimes it is for later, when the hurt is less, and the memories bring joy.

And this one is for them, too.  When Rachel's sister, Beth, died, 
Rachel started drawing these angels every time she wrote her name.
(Beth was 16 and Rachel was 15)
This is her Laurel Angel.

So, while I do make stuff to sell and I am supposing they bring joy to whoever buys them, my biggest happiness comes in creating something especially for someone special.

It is heart warming to use my gift to do God's and comfort....