Sunday, June 30, 2013

Let it Rain, Let it Rain, Let it Rain

A couple of things green and sparkly....something about a soft summer can almost hear the plants growing, almost see them changing as you watch....almost.

Here's praying for soft summer rains and cooler temps to my friends in hot and dry places....or you could come and visit here!  
Bring a hammer or some other tool useful in house building.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Scallopy Bits

I am so lucky to be married to a man who can take my visions and create them for wood.

So, we have scallops on the outside of the house up in the pointy parts of the roof.  (You would think I would know what these parts are called after all this house building time, wouldn't you?  But, I don't.)
I love the cottage-y look it lends.  Definite cute factor.

Wanting to carry that cute on down closer, I dreamed up window trim with scallops and my little husband made them for me...and painted them and put them up and caulked them.  Yep.  He's that kind of guy!

Have a look...

Hey, you can see my back door....lovely green.

He was pretty proud of himself!

Then it was time to move on to the front door trim.  It needed an extra piece to tie it to the door style....see the dental (how do you spell that word for this meaning?)  molding piece?
Everything else matches the window trim.

Happy camper.
Pretty door.  See the same dental molding under the glass?

And to carry the theme a little bit farther....

...scallopy trim around the garden bed.  Can't plant too much yet, because we still have to get in there to do corner trim and battens.
Have not figured out how to keep grass from growing up close to things yet.  I want to be able to mow close enough to take care of all the grass, but I can't get in there even with the push mower.  Ideas?

West Virginia just celebrated our sesquicentennial and our community chorus dressed in period clothes to sing.  I borrowed mine from a Civil War reenactor friend.  It was hotter than the dickens...whatever they are...but fun!

The house at Shangri La Ti Da is coming along....slow but sure...

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Tornado Watch

So all day yesterday they were telling us that we are under a tornado watch.   With the images of the devastation in Oklahoma still fresh, it was a little bit scary.  So, I made a little plan and packed a little bag...
The plan was for each of us to grab a cat and stuff them in a cat carrier, then grab the dog and her leash in one hand and my bag in the other hand and run for the was night time and we don't have a TV so I'm not sure how we would have known when to make a break for it, but that was the plan.  My little husband did stay awake and monitor the internet until the watch expired.  Me?  I didn't hear a thing.

And here's what was in my little bag... Bible...

....the quilt I am working on.... sewing pouch and glasses!....

...both fully charged Kindles and a real book...

...all tucked securely, with the computer, into my new
favorite polka spotted bag!

Thankful that all I had to do was unpack the bag this morning.  Nothing serious came through here.
Of course, as I was unpacking I thought of so many more things I maybe should have packed.    But, in reality, there is not very much 'stuff'  that I couldn't live without.  

There are things I would miss...but if I have my furries and my little husband...and something to read... and something to make, I would be good for quite awhile.

What about you?