Saturday, October 5, 2013

Noah's Ark - My First Quiltlet

Well, it has taken awhile, but it is finally done.  Everyone who has seen it asks how much time I have in it...a rough guess would be about 500 hours, maybe...with choosing fabrics, embellishments and actual sewing.  But, it didn't seem like that much because it was spread out and I loved doing each piece.  My sweet friend, Saundra, put the background together for me and I did all the on top applique and embellishment sewing and then she finished it with edges, binding and a little bit of quilting.  She put a rod pocket on the back so I can hang the new house.

She's a pro.
The background is flannel and the applique is wool and stuff.

I worked from a pattern called, "Wool Ark Crazy" by A Piece of can google it to see how very differently mine turned out.  But, I must say, working from a pattern (which I almost never do) was kind of relaxing...not nearly as much figuring out or wasting of wool.

There are A LOT of pictures, but each block needed at least one picture, right?  Take your time...enjoy.
And some cold and rainy day when you have LOTS of time, click on each one to see it big and you can almost feel them...and notice the actual dog and cat hairs that are stuck on...


So, I like primitive style, but not the often dark primitive colors.
Doesn't it just make you happy to look at it the first time?
Much color and personality and joy!
Well, that's what I think anyway.  
This block called for roosters, but I decided to
have my Golden Retrievers instead...and blue 
bird buttons.

The elephant didn't have mice and they weren't 
holding onto each other, they do.                                           
Oh, and their ears flap.

Chicka chicka boom boom.
The crocagators needed water...
They are friendly crocagators...see?  
Making friends with the bunnies.
Love those bunny tales!

I wanted you to see that the angel's hair was all french knots.
Sweet hoots.

Giraffes may be my favorites.
But that changes sometimes....
...because I really like the fish and the ribbon water, too.
I made tiny pom poms for the lions' tails.

Oh, and the sheeps.  I love the sheeps.
And they love each other.
This is the block I started with.  I added
water and the olive like branch.

Remember the branch the cute hoots were 
sitting on?  That was my inspiration 
for this sign that is on the back of the quiltlet.
And finally, Saundra and I the day she gave it back to me.

I'm in love.
I learned lots.

And I have an idea for my next one!

So, what did you think?
Do you have favorites?
What do you think would be a good next one?

Now, I need my house done so I can hang this in a 
place of honor....

Monday, August 19, 2013

Porch, Garage and Lots of Mud

***Um.  Lots of pictures in this one...

We finished the porch ... well, it has a floor.  Finished will mean screened in with a roof and all. we couldn't wait and this was really before the floor.
Ah.  There's the floor.  
Don't jump, Mercy!
My first company for lunch on the porch.

And now the mud part begins...just when I about had the yard looking good.  Ah, well, it is all just temporary and now I have less to mow!
Coming down the driveway.

And around the corner.

He pushed the burn pile out of his way and was good sport
enough to let me save the little snake that was living
in there even though he is seriously afraid of snakes.
I was taking these pictures from the porch and when 
he saw it, I started yelling, "Don't kill it, don't kill it, don't kill it!" 
and running down the stairs.  It took us three tries, but
now the snake lives in the woods.

There's the box...

...let the digging begin.
I'm telling you, that thing could dig!
Reminded me of the story,
Mike Mulligan and the Steam Shovel.

Even though there were a few little rocks!

Big hole.

Big septic tank.
Connections to house and leech field.

Big trenches beside my house for the leech field.
But, the fire pit was safe.

Big trenches all the way down the driveway for
the underground water and electric.

Big storm the night after the trenches are dug, so....

Scooping, scooping, scooping

water out of the low corner.
The trench makes a turn here and goes to the house.
Yes, he dug up my driveway, too.

But, I can forgive a lot when he has one of these... drill the remaining 10 holes for the 
garage posts.
In about 15 minutes!
Oh, yeah.
And there he is, making it all
look so easy.
He could use that giant machine
so smoothly it looked like
an extension of his arms.

Rick helping to set the posts.
And our diagonals are within 1/4 inch!
Yes.  We are that good. 
Ack.  What do you know about planting grass?

Can you see it is going to be a two car garage?
Don't mind the glare off of the metal roof.

Ah, progress.