Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy Tomorrow

I am not a big fan of New Year's resolutions...can't keep them.
But, I am a huge fan of  New Beginnings...can't live without them.

So, instead of resolving to go on a diet and walk more and drink more water;  instead of resolving to do 3 good deeds each day; instead of resolving to live with more joy, I am going to get up tomorrow and begin to live well.

And I will get up each morning and begin again.

So, Happy Tomorrow and the day after that and after that and forever more.

Go forth, be happy,  spread joy...and welcome it into your are a little lamb of God!  Hallelujah...and amen.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Featured Artiste

Yes, I feel like I should say it "artiste" instead of just artist...right?  When you are featured at a gallery and all, right?  Today, I took a trip up the mountain (just about 40 miles that takes 1 1/2 hours if there is no weather going on) to one of our ski resort areas in the state and a wonderful gallery/shop called Mountainmade. 
I delivered to them 12 framed pieces, 13 ornaments, 2 necklaces, 3 pieces of kids clothing, 5 hats and 10 Carolina snowflakes and now, just now finally, I am feeling some relief and can now craft for me.  I have a small project in mind and the WVU Mountaineers are playing (but not very well at this moment) on the radio, so I think I will go make something as soon  as I finish here.
If you go to the website you can see one of my pieces on the main page.  If you go to the blog, you can see where my art will be hung on the far left wall of the far left photo of the We Have Moved post.  It really is a nice gallery...friendly and comfortable while still being very professional and focused.

Part of the trip, near the top of the mountain has such a vast vista view that it makes my vertigo kick in and I drive right on the center guard rails up there!  So, it was too scary to try to get a picture for you.
I did, however. take a picture of these beauties....

At one point during the drive I could see on the horizon nearly 70 of these.  They are so amazing.  A bit of a driving hazard for me, as I am constantly craning my neck to see them and count them and listen for the soft swoosh of them.  There was some hoorah about them in the beginning, but I think they should put picnic tables under them.  They are so so so big.  It is always exciting to pass one of the blades being delivered on a long long long truck...
I know.  Evidently I am easily amused and impressed.  Judge me if you must, but I love these things.  You did click on the picture to see them a bit bigger, right?

And here is a picture of another beauty.  This is our kitty girl Phig.  Interesting name, right?  When we found her (or she found me) we took her to the vet and told them her name was House Guest.  WE were not keeping her, just getting her ready to adopt out.  6 weeks later when we took her back we told them her name must be Permanent House Guest...aka...PHiG!  She is the softest kitty fluff....except for perhaps Sherman, the cotton coat kitty.

Thinking about New Year's ...
Are you?

Christmas Giving

This year, my little husband and I decided that our family (and a couple of friends like family) didn't really "need" anything for Christmas and all of the kids are grown up, so when we came into a little money early in November, we decided to use it to support one of our favorite charities - Heifer (
Go look and see what they do.
We sent llamas, goats, sheep, rabbits, pigs, bees, trees, chickens, ducks and geese in the name of someone in our family...and then, I made them an ornament to hang on their tree to remember.  See?  They did get a little something.

Each of them got a special card from Heifer and we wrote inside:
Somewhere in the world a family is taking their first steps out of poverty, thanks to the gift of a goat
(or whatever animal they "gave")
that has been given in your name.

Look at that sweet llama eye....

We felt good about giving this year.  Giving and helping and proud of our family who was happy to be a part of it all. 
Peace on the Earth...Goodwill to all.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Woven Ornaments...

...weaving friendships.
I got so excited about all the woolier ornaments that Karyn and Kerry had made the other day, that I forgot completely that I took them while I was teaching them how to make woven ornaments.  DUH. 
We made Carolina Snowflakes and little cute reindeer...and laughed out loud...a lot...and ate good food.  And made memories.
This was all right before the "antler incident"...maybe that's why I forgot to post.  Sure, that's it!

Christmas Commissions...

I don't know why I say yes...or more exactly, why I wait until the last minute to complete them, even when they are commissioned in plenty of time.  What is wrong with me????
Anyway, they are done and I loved them enough to hate to see them go...

This is Willie, a Yorkie who is also a Steeler's fan.

Pele and Phoenix...aka Smoke and Flier!  Get it?

The shortest distance between two points is for those who do not ride!
(the Harley is a scrapbook sticker)

 Commissions are tricky.  What if they don't like them at least?  The good news is that everyone loved these and is excited to gift them to someone they love.  Whew!

Now I am busy sewing my own gifts...really busy, like I shouldn't be on here busy, so I better go now busy...

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Inspired By Little Old Me?

A few weeks ago I taught a Woolie Ornament class to 8 fun ladies.  You can read about that here:
Sorry, I don't know how to do whatever you do to get just the here to turn blue and take you there...oh well.

Since then, two of them have been inspired to continue creating wonderful works of whimsy.  I am so proud of them and thrilled at what they have made.  We have show and tell at Zumba most weeks.  Have a look...

What a pile of pretty...but, now you need to see some close ups, so here you go.
These are the two big in state universities....rivals!

 These might be going in a 3 opening mat and frame or become little puffy pillow ornaments.
Look at that tiny tag on that gift...tiny words and everything.
Don't these just look good enough to eat?
P cubed.

Check out the Minion from...what is that movie?
Wow.  Looks like the tree has light up lights.

And peace on earth to all!

I am so proud of them and a little bit thrilled that I could inspire someone to find their creativity and share it...well, they are having a little trouble with the sharing it part, but don't we all?
Maybe you are inspired to try something now.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


OK.  So, I live in a hunting mecca of sorts.  Most of the people here are hunters.  Men and women, boys and girls.  It is something that is passed on from adults to children...a rite of passage.  I didn't grow up with hunters or hunting, but have made peace with the hunters that I know because I have found them to be passionate and committed to really hunting and not just shooting.  They are respectful and grateful and jeezo pete are they PROUD when they get a BIG one. 
So, my friend, Karyn's husband, Craig is a Hunter.  I asked him one day a couple of weeks ago if he had ever had one mounted and he said he hadn't.  When I asked why he said that even after 22 years of hunting (he's maybe 35 years old) he had never gotten one big enough.
Then last week, he took his 1st grade daughter, Lydia, out one evening with him and they shot his biggest buck ever - an 11 point!  Now, we are talking mountable.

Are you staying with me?  This is all background information. 
I spent the evening at his house with his wife and a couple of other friends making Carolina star ornaments.  After Craig got the kids home, bathed and in bed (isn't he a good daddy?) and we were all just visiting, he asks if Karyn had shown me his BIG antlers.  I told him no (believing this was true, although I had seen a couple of sets of antlers nestled among the Christmas greens).  He reaches up and shows me one of those sets of antlers. 
Here it comes -
I say, "Oh.  Yes.  She showed me those.  I thought yours would be bigger."   Major ooopsa.
He gets both sets of antlers to show me how much BIGGER his Big ones are and I am trying my best to talk my way out of the whole mess around my giggles.  He was so earnestly cute.  And I really was expecting to see a big old head attached to the antlers.  Evidnetly that comes later.  I don't know that I ever really unruffled his feathers.

Karyn, am I banned from your house?
For the rest of you, here is the photographic proof...BIG old honkin' antlers!
And his lovely "deer" wife, Karyn!

We had lots of laughs tonight...make your mascara run laughs, but this one was the most fun...well, if I didn't really hurt Craig's feelings.

Next blog will be all about the ornaments!

Craig, I am so impressed with your big antlers.  Did you notice that atypical extra point there on the left?  I think mounted just like Karyn is wearing them shows them of to the perfect advantage.  Really.  Am I forgiven?

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sing For Joy

I used to sing in the Preston County Chorus regularly, but then they changed the practice time to Sunday afternoons and that was my 6th work day...for doing lesson plans, so I didn't sing for several years, but now that I am retired I can sing I did and am.  My little husband sings with us, too...a fun time for us together.  Really, I am not a singer, but I LOVE to sing with a choir.  And evidently it shows, because people often come to me at the end and tell me I enjoyed myself.  I dance way better than I sing!  The coolest part is that I know I'm not a singer so I don't worry about it at all...the good news is that I am a pretty good mimicer.  I sing what the person beside me is singing, as long as the person beside me is worrying about getting the right notes and singing well, then I do pretty dang good, too.   It's just plain fun for me.
The big event is the Christmas Concert.  We do it several times and places.  This year it was in two churches and two "nursing" homes.
The church concerts make me cry when we sing some of the powerful traditional hymns of the church...O Holy Night is one.  This year, one of the soloists was stepping way out in faith...he was so nervous, his pants were shaking...I prayed for him the whole time he was singing...and he did great.   And when the entire choir comes in on the chorus...yowzer!  Tears in my eyes and chills up my back.  I can hardly get through our benediction song either...The Lord Bless You And Keep pretty.
Here we are singing in my church on Sunday evening.
The visits to the "nursing" homes make me cry when I watch the folks join us in spirit and rhythm.  They smile.  They thank us if they are able.  They allow us to touch them, hold their hands, look into their eyes...and wish them a Merry Christmas.  Tonight we also sang a verse of Silent Night and they joined in to sing with us...well, I wasn't singing much by that time...too teary...and happy.
Isn't it amazing how often you go to a place or a person to be a blessing to them and you are the one who is blessed?  I have had this happen each time I have done mission work...blessed over and over again.
Emmanuel was with us tonight.
Christmas came.
And Rudolph, the Red Nosed Reindeer...wish I had a picture of all of us in our antlers!

Have you had a blessing to be blessed experience?
I hope so.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Snow! Hats....

We are predicted to get our first significant snowfall of the season tomorrow into Thursday and just in time I have some warm and lovely 'boggan hats!  Which one is your favorite? 
#1  Snowy Tree on a Winter Night

#2  Polka Spot String

#3 Mountaineer B&G

#4 Purple Snow

#5  Purple Flowers

#6  Flowers on Bark
#7  Warm Winter Wishes
#8  Blue Snow

So, there you go.
Now I am wondering if I ever picked a favorite on Kristen's star was too hard at first, but I can't remember if I ever went back to just do it...arrggh...old age brain!  Going now to check.  And choose.


Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Just Chicky!

This is one of the menagerie of critters that will be part of our Christmas gifts and she is just so cute that I can hardly stand it at all.  None of these pictures show you her personality.  She is perky, sure of herself, yet approachable. 
I intended for her to be an ornament, but now I don't think she should have to spend 11 months of the year in a box...hmmmm.
The very cool stuff that she is standing on is packing material that is currently a favorite cat bed.

See that teeny tiny peek of green in my basket?  My special heart gift that I carry all the time.

And a little chicken bootie shake!

I took a lot of pictures and these are the best. Really.

Hope something gave you a giggle and some joy today.