Thursday, December 15, 2011

Inspired By Little Old Me?

A few weeks ago I taught a Woolie Ornament class to 8 fun ladies.  You can read about that here:
Sorry, I don't know how to do whatever you do to get just the here to turn blue and take you there...oh well.

Since then, two of them have been inspired to continue creating wonderful works of whimsy.  I am so proud of them and thrilled at what they have made.  We have show and tell at Zumba most weeks.  Have a look...

What a pile of pretty...but, now you need to see some close ups, so here you go.
These are the two big in state universities....rivals!

 These might be going in a 3 opening mat and frame or become little puffy pillow ornaments.
Look at that tiny tag on that gift...tiny words and everything.
Don't these just look good enough to eat?
P cubed.

Check out the Minion from...what is that movie?
Wow.  Looks like the tree has light up lights.

And peace on earth to all!

I am so proud of them and a little bit thrilled that I could inspire someone to find their creativity and share it...well, they are having a little trouble with the sharing it part, but don't we all?
Maybe you are inspired to try something now.


Rachel said...

Those are adorable!!! LOVE the minion.

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

They are simply w.o.n.d.e.r.f.u.l!!! Love each and every one! Had to chuckle at the school colors. One of my best friends is a Marshall graduate and he does love his Marshall University!! blessings ~ Tanna

Karyn said...

Despicable Me is the name of the movie. If you haven't seen it, you need to add it to the list. Seriously. We had such a great time! I have more ideas than I have time to create. I think I'll be able to part with a couple of them. Maybe not the minion, though. :D

Donna said...

***Rachel, Karyn loves the Minion, too.
***Tanna, Marshall grads are used to being picked upon and teased. I live very near the "other" university now and take lots of mostly good natured ribbing.
***Karyn, I have seen the movie, but couldn't remember the name. I cried at it, too. We should plan a crafting evening at least once a month...whatdaya think?

Mami Dearest said...

love all of them - so cute :)

K said...

Hmmmm - I think this might call for the organization of a WV chapter of the annual GREAT ORNAMENT party? Whatcha think?

Donna said...

***Kristen, I need details about how such a thing is organized from a pro...or better yet a visit to see it in person! So, do tell me what you do at yours. I'm sure these friends would be in!

W-S Wanderings said...

Oh my! I am off of work early today ostensibly to get some cleaning done, but instead I find myself inspired to get crafting! So, you HAVE indeed inspired.

K said...

These are the rules: pick people who will show up, and include spouses who are pretty guaranteed to suffer because they are NOT so crafty and will turn up with the craziest things. Tell them to wrap each ornament, but give no hint who MADE the ornament. Then ask them to bring a classy Christmas party treat so the table is fascinating. Be sure you have a secure place for the gifts and whisk them out of the way to prevent cheating (which DOES happen, in oh-so-many ways). Then bully the guests into sitting down so you can tell them this:

1. We draw numbers for gift opening positions.
2. The person drawing number one chooses a gift, opens it, makes the appropriate pleased noises, then waits to see what happens next. After the last number picks and there are no more presents to open, Number one is allowed to pick from any of the ornaments that have not been permanently owned at the end.

3. Number two has this choice: steal from number one, or open another gift and wait to see what happens. If 2 steals from 1, then 1 gets to open another gift. Number 1 cannot steal her ornament back from the person who has just taken it. When that gift is open:

4. Number three has that same basic choice - open or steal. This time, if 3 steals from 1 or 2, then the bereft and betrayed person left without an ornament can either open a new gift or steal from the person who did NOT just steal from them. Which allows THAT poor, now bereft person to open or steal.

And so it goes.

The third stealer of an ornament keeps the ornament. It cannot be stolen again. But that person is NOT allowed to leave the circle and go eat and talk with other lucky ones. Every person is committed to sitting in the circle till the last ornament has been cheered.

Never can anyone steal an ornament directly back. However, if 5 steals from 3. Then 3 steals from 7. Then 7 steals from 4. Then 4 steals from 3 (which happens often in one turn - mostly in the middle to end of the game) THEN 3 MAY STEAL HER ORIGINAL ORNAMENT BACK FROM 5. She just can't turn right around and do it.

The game is over after the last gift has been open, and number 1 has either chosen among the un-three-owner ornaments - or declared herself satisfied with what she has.

There are strategies within this framework. One of the most controversial moves - that has been allowed - is collusion. If you make a deal with somebody, you can do this:

You have an ACE ornament and someone steals it. You CAN steal from your evil partner, who will then turn and steal from the person who stole from you in the first place (with the intention of giving YOU the ornament after the game). This is especially good because that will make your partner 3rd owner. This move is best played out with friends as colluders. You can do it with your husband - but people will yell about that, and truly, if even just a few people figured that out and started to do it, the game would cease to be as fun. So it's a secret move, only to be used in dire circumstances and as quietly and quickly as possible. Most people won't be paying enough attention to catch it. Except maybe the first stealer, who is the one who gets hammered.

And those, my dear, are the rules.

Donna said...

wow...just wow...I think I have the idea now, but not sure I have that many crafty friends...there is probably some critical mass where it works. I will have a whole year to recruit! Thanks! And some year, somehow, I am coming to yours!