Wednesday, December 14, 2011


OK.  So, I live in a hunting mecca of sorts.  Most of the people here are hunters.  Men and women, boys and girls.  It is something that is passed on from adults to children...a rite of passage.  I didn't grow up with hunters or hunting, but have made peace with the hunters that I know because I have found them to be passionate and committed to really hunting and not just shooting.  They are respectful and grateful and jeezo pete are they PROUD when they get a BIG one. 
So, my friend, Karyn's husband, Craig is a Hunter.  I asked him one day a couple of weeks ago if he had ever had one mounted and he said he hadn't.  When I asked why he said that even after 22 years of hunting (he's maybe 35 years old) he had never gotten one big enough.
Then last week, he took his 1st grade daughter, Lydia, out one evening with him and they shot his biggest buck ever - an 11 point!  Now, we are talking mountable.

Are you staying with me?  This is all background information. 
I spent the evening at his house with his wife and a couple of other friends making Carolina star ornaments.  After Craig got the kids home, bathed and in bed (isn't he a good daddy?) and we were all just visiting, he asks if Karyn had shown me his BIG antlers.  I told him no (believing this was true, although I had seen a couple of sets of antlers nestled among the Christmas greens).  He reaches up and shows me one of those sets of antlers. 
Here it comes -
I say, "Oh.  Yes.  She showed me those.  I thought yours would be bigger."   Major ooopsa.
He gets both sets of antlers to show me how much BIGGER his Big ones are and I am trying my best to talk my way out of the whole mess around my giggles.  He was so earnestly cute.  And I really was expecting to see a big old head attached to the antlers.  Evidnetly that comes later.  I don't know that I ever really unruffled his feathers.

Karyn, am I banned from your house?
For the rest of you, here is the photographic proof...BIG old honkin' antlers!
And his lovely "deer" wife, Karyn!

We had lots of laughs tonight...make your mascara run laughs, but this one was the most fun...well, if I didn't really hurt Craig's feelings.

Next blog will be all about the ornaments!

Craig, I am so impressed with your big antlers.  Did you notice that atypical extra point there on the left?  I think mounted just like Karyn is wearing them shows them of to the perfect advantage.  Really.  Am I forgiven?


Karyn said...

Am I showing the "good" side? Haha... There is nothing to forgive. You are welcome any time. Craig will most definitely want to show you the final mount once it is finished. He may even make you some venison roast for dinner. I won't eat it, of course, but you are welcome to.

I had so much fun tonight. Thank you for agreeing to teach us a thing or two. You put up with a lot from your "grown-up" students. :) I wonder if the bowling alley will be able to handle the four of us. We might get ourselves kicked out!

Kerry said...

I had SOOOOOO much fun tonight!! I don't think I have laughed like that in a loooong time!!! You just can't beat hanging out with good friends (and not just a Zumba Instructor or fellow Zumba-ers), learning how to make some awesome crafts, eating good food, and burning calories from laughing... even though the calories didn't count since it's the Christmas season!!! And I must say....the whole antler episode was hilarious and topped off the whole night!!!! Thanks for so much fun!!!!

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Donna, tears-making-your-mascara-run kind of laughing is such good medicine for the soul! Sorry if it was at Craig's expense, but tell him to just think of all the good he did!! LOL! Those really are attractive antlers!! And, he is a good man I can tell. Taking his daughter with him on a hunt and helping with evening tending. My hat's off to Craig for all of the above! Glad you had such a fun evening! blessings to all ~ Tanna

Donna said...

***K & K...Let's go BOWLING!
***Tanna, I do have some cool friends, don't I?
And Craig isn't even mad. He says he toughened up during his years as a middle school teacher and principal.

K said...

I read this out loud and I am still laughing. You are SUCH a girl. Poor man. But really? They don't look all that big to me, either. I think antlers look best on really tall, breathing deer. Just sayin'.

Donna said...

TeeHee! I'm glad you thought it was funny, too. I still laugh when I think about it, myself!

W-S Wanderings said...

Ha ha!!!! Well, it was a very therapeutic (all of that laughter, which lives on through cyberspace)major oooopsa. Well done, Donna! :-)