Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sing For Joy

I used to sing in the Preston County Chorus regularly, but then they changed the practice time to Sunday afternoons and that was my 6th work day...for doing lesson plans, so I didn't sing for several years, but now that I am retired I can sing again...so I did and am.  My little husband sings with us, too...a fun time for us together.  Really, I am not a singer, but I LOVE to sing with a choir.  And evidently it shows, because people often come to me at the end and tell me I enjoyed myself.  I dance way better than I sing!  The coolest part is that I know I'm not a singer so I don't worry about it at all...the good news is that I am a pretty good mimicer.  I sing what the person beside me is singing mostly...so, as long as the person beside me is worrying about getting the right notes and singing well, then I do pretty dang good, too.   It's just plain fun for me.
The big event is the Christmas Concert.  We do it several times and places.  This year it was in two churches and two "nursing" homes.
The church concerts make me cry when we sing some of the powerful traditional hymns of the church...O Holy Night is one.  This year, one of the soloists was stepping way out in faith...he was so nervous, his pants were shaking...I prayed for him the whole time he was singing...and he did great.   And when the entire choir comes in on the chorus...yowzer!  Tears in my eyes and chills up my back.  I can hardly get through our benediction song either...The Lord Bless You And Keep You...so pretty.
Here we are singing in my church on Sunday evening.
The visits to the "nursing" homes make me cry when I watch the folks join us in spirit and rhythm.  They smile.  They thank us if they are able.  They allow us to touch them, hold their hands, look into their eyes...and wish them a Merry Christmas.  Tonight we also sang a verse of Silent Night and they joined in to sing with us...well, I wasn't singing much by that time...too teary...and happy.
Isn't it amazing how often you go to a place or a person to be a blessing to them and you are the one who is blessed?  I have had this happen each time I have done mission work...blessed over and over again.
Emmanuel was with us tonight.
Christmas came.
And Rudolph, the Red Nosed Reindeer...wish I had a picture of all of us in our antlers!

Have you had a blessing to be blessed experience?
I hope so.


Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Emmanuel. Emmanuel. Love this Donna... those tears of joy are treasures. Each and every one!

blessings to you ~ tanna

ps the tile in our kitchen is a commercial type linoleum put down in squares. Has to be waxed to look really good (not what you saw in the photos right now!! lol) I do love the cheerful colors of it! ;)

Donna said...

Tanna, that is what I thought it was. I have already bought some black and white, but now I might want to add some colors...

haybales said...

Donna, the concert was great and I took a picture or two of all the reindeer and Rudolph too! Maybe you can post it for your friends to see.

Donna said...

***Stevie, I will try to post it if you get it to me...anyway, I want to see them. Especially Rudy!

K said...

I solve the problem by dancing as I sing and lead the hymns. And you would have a tough time next to me, as I tend to take off on harmonies if I believe the person next to me is singing strongly. When I sit in Relief Society, our women's meeting, and I'm sitting next to someone I haven't sung next to before, I have to test them gently to make sure, if I take of on my own lines of harmony, whether they will be dragged along helplessly in my wake. If that's the case, I am grounded and have to stay put, singing what they are singing so they aren't distressed and confused. I am a little musically crazy. And my children are, too. Poor G is left singing the melody while the voices of the rest of us scatter like joyfully birds. I love singing in a choir, too - though it means I have to stick with a part. But the best part of it is all the things you've described. Every year, after the choir does its program (I used to lead the choir, too, till my organist moved - no one else could partner me in the work we did - so I don't now), I get up to lead "Oh, Come All Ye Faithful," which is, to me, a call to stand shoulder to shoulder - which is what I make the congregation do.

Then there I am, choir standing behind me in the seats, congregation standing before me, I I lead that thing like I'm leading a canyon or a mountain. And I turn to the organist in the last chorus and order her to quit playing - then the congregation carries the chorus alone - a mass of people singing their hearts out, and Kathy Busker to my right in the soprano section, gearing up to hit the octave at the end. I slow that chorus down, savoring every blessed word and tone - and we hold out"the LORD," until I cut them off.

Then I sit down on my little wooden podium, huddled at the base of the music stand during the prayer, my heart beating so hard, it shakes my whole body and pulses in my palms.

I love doing that. Offering up that great sound like palms strewn in the way.

Donna said...

***Kristen. Don't know how I missed this one. I want to sing and dance with that kind of abandon. I want to sing in your choir!
I did have one muscial friend who tried to teach me to hold the melody as she harmonized. I think I am teachable, but I like just following mostly. I have a friend who sings each verse in a different part...sop, alto, tenor...interesting...
I am so impressed at how many ways you are talented! Wow.