Saturday, May 25, 2013


After 3 years of fun and exercise....yes, both of those words in the same breath....Karyn decided to call it quits.  I don't blame her at all, but I sure am going to miss the friends I made there and the calories I burned and the muscles I tones....but mostly the friends.  I have been seeing some of these sweet ladies 2 or 3 times a week and sharing lives with them.  Now, I am going to miss watching the pregnant ones grow and blossom and I won't hear about the trials and accomplishments of getting that next degree or the weddings of kids and the birth of grandkids or the adventures at work of my circles has fallen apart.  Not gonna lie, it makes me sad.

Maybe it will make my life less busy, but it will also be less full.....ah, well.

To celebrate the end we had a party!  I think I might like to be a party planner (or a meteorologist0 for my next career.

It was fun and nobody cried!
Can't have a party without balloons, right?  
Especially those nice helium ones, huh, Karyn?
Stripes and polka spots and yellow fiesta waiting for food.  
And Camille's pretty pink glass bowl that you can barely see.
Lemon cupcakes with pink icing by Makayla, 
who is raising money

for the Relay for Life team she captains....
as an 8th grader!

Can you tell it was a pink lemonade theme?

Pink jello mousse yumminess with the spoon already tied inside...
with yellow and pink ribbons! is an exercise class!...with fancy new wraps...
and more lemons.
I am all about banners these days!
And there she is....our fearless leader!

We all worked together to make it a fun ending and everyone was gracious enough to stay with the pink and yellow theme so it all looked nice, too....ahhhh....a party plan gone well!

Love my zumba ladies!  Don't lose me....I will miss you....

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


These are most likely my favorite with yellow....and purple....
But these are my most favorite.
 The magic season of burst and blossom.
 When once again God says, "Continue."
The gentle turn from black and white to green and green 
and ever more shades of green.
 Life.  Abundant. Vibrant.  Fragile.  Fleeting.
 When once again God says, "Live."
See beauty in the tiny. 
 See possibility and promise and future fruits.
When once again God says, "I love you...just this much!"

And this is spring in another color palate.
The ornamental red maple with early morning
sun shining through.

Thank you, God for spring!