Friday, September 30, 2011

Buckwheat Festival: School and Community Day

***It's a long one...lots of pictures.

Started the day with buckwheat cakes...still yummy!...and a friend who has not been to the BWF for about 30 years!  She had a great time visiting with lots of people that she had not seen for years.  It is a harvest homecoming.   Here she is with Stevie...

We went to the school to see my little darlings, who are on the royalty court, before they come out for the coronation.  This is the last year that I will have little ones on the Children's Court.  They look so sweet all dolled up.

Next, off to the coronation.  In the old days, I used to be in charge of the whole field presentation, but it is nice now to just go and enjoy.  It is a little bit gratifying to see that they still use some of the changes that I instituted.  There are senior princesses and escorts and the king and queen are chosen from this group during a pageant in May.  There are junior princesses and flower girls.  There are 2 crown bearers and 2 train bearers.  In the really old days, the king was chosen by who grew the best buckwheat and the girls were escorted by ROTC cadets in uniform.  In the early old days of my time here they used to gather laurel branches to create the staging for the, not so much.  My very favorite part is when they say each year, "Attention, all ye people of the mountains. I present to you Queen Ceres and King Buckwheat."  I love that part and the view of the mountains behind it all...ahhh, tradition!  Anyway, here are a few pictures.
Preston High JROTC...we started with the pledge, Star Spangled Banner
and a prayer...we ended with a prayer, too.
They use the ministers from the home churches of the King and Queen. 
I love living in this place where praying is still OK.

My 2 handsome darlings.  Don't tell them I said that.

The whole court seated after a long series of introductions with
their parent's names and school affiliations.  The little ones are trying
to get their sweaters was quite cool out.  By the end, the boys
had shared their jackets with the girls.  Sweet.

After the coronation we were off to the crafts again...I bought more, wait!  They are for gifts.  Probably.  : ) 
This is one of about 4 craft halls.  A nice variety....

Hey.  What is this crowd all about?

OH YEAH!  Teddy bear suckers!  In oh, so many flavors.  But who cares about that, really?

Cinnamon is the only flavor you need.

Back outside we go to see the parade. 
This is right before the parade started.  Sharing a little love.
Practicing "The Wave".

This is the Challenge Academy.  It is an amazing program through the National Guard that gives
kids having trouble in high school, for any number of reasons, another chance. 

We don't have any middle schools big enough to have their own band anymore, so they unified! 
They all march in their home school's uniform and they are always the first
band in the parade.

Still waving.

My favorite float.  See how big the puppies are?  See the people?

And Tow Mater!

Patriotic Aurora Tradition.  Here is where I started crying.
These old gentlemen in uniform waving proudly.  People on the curbs
standing.  The young boy beside me calling out, "We appreciate your service."

...this tiny little band following behind and playing God Bless America.
That's what it is all about.

People bundled and huddled on the benches.  Remember the benches?

The last band of each parade is always Preston High School.
End of parade...walking in the streets.

Onto the fairgrounds.

The hot dog stand where you get one of my favorite fair foods....

....french fries!  With vinegar and salt.  They cut and fry them all day for four days!
Eat the french fries while you walk up the street to buy another favorite fair food...

...corn dogs!
 Have a look at the sky and head for home....

It was a cold and windy day and it rained just a bit, but I was there with friends and some of my little darlings and it was good.
Supposed to be colder and wetter tomorrow...some years are just like that!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Buckwheat Festival: Fireman's Day

It's Thursday and it's Fireman's Day at the Buckwheat Festival.  The parade tonight will have lots of firetrucks!  It's the only night parade.  I don't know if I will be able to get any pictures with my little bitty camera.  I'll try.
Off we went this afternoon to have our first buckwheat cakes and sausage...
See the sign?  Thatta way to buckwheat cakes and sausage...

There they are.  Not pancakes.  Buckwheat cakes...slightly sour is the best.
The sausage is processed by students at the high school.
After the first plate of all you can eat buckwheat cakes you must
go downstairs to the arts and crafts (pictures tomorrow) and
then next door to the judged exhibits.

From quilts to

4-H projects to

canned veggies to


Prize winning zucchini....

giant pumpkins,
sweet sweet potatoes,

and heritage corn.
And then something for the kids....

In the next building there were a few more crafts and I was lured in for my first purchase.
These are tie-dyed scarves made out of the softest t-shirt material.  There were so many
to choose from!  It took forever!

The next stop is one that I have trouble with even after 30+ years.  The barns.
This is where the animals that the kids have raised all year are shown and sold.
I get it that it is a good way for the kids to raise some money for college, but
I just can not stand it...
Seeing how beautiful my hamburger is BEFORE....oy.
So, no photos.  I was walking too fast.
Here are some pretty horses.

Another ride.

And look at those colors.
Home for about an hour to feed Mercy and rest a moment before the parade. 
Bands line up on our street, right in front of our house.
Firetrucks line up on the 'main' street. 
See the big building?  Remember it from my retirement party?

And the parade.  Lots of firetrucks.  The festival royalty...
Queen Ceres and King tomorrow in the daytime parade.
And the lighted toy guy.
I love parades.  I cry at parades.  In this one there were bands from 250 strong to only 25.
They come from 3 states and the firetrucks from the band's home town
or area are always right behind them.

Tomorrow's parade is my favorite.  It has my little one's on floats and in trucks...
Tomorrow I'll show you more favorite festival food and some of the arts and crafts...
if they will let me take any pictures...