Saturday, September 17, 2011

ROOF! Well, Trusses...

Today was the day that we worked ourselves to a frazzle for this week.  Another big truck with a big crane came, carrying our trusses.
Our mighty, wonderful worker bees did a little prep work and the crane went into action...
...up and ...

....down...and nailed.   Next?  Worker bees swarm!

 Here they all are with their feet firmly on the ground...well, the truck.
Church friends, Boy Scout friends and one that
God sent us this week when the scheduled helpers did not show up.

The whole gang...even the earth bound ones.

Now just a few photos of the pure lovely angledyness of  them.  I am very afraid that there is a bit of a math geek in me somewhere.  I love these lines and intersections and triangles...

So, are you ready to see the house now?  With its pointy bits?  Here you go.  This is the view I will see
every day when I drive in to Shangri La Ti Da now.
All the piles are getting much shorter and the house is getting taller.  Oh, while we were using up one of the piles we found this friend.
Cute, huh?  See the little necklace?

So, a HUGE thank you to everyone who helped us today.  We simply could not have done it without you.  And now we are really tired after a really long week...mentally and physically...a day or two of rest is scheduled next.  


Melissa Plank said...

Yea for helpers! It looks so wonderful, it's really moving along fast!

W-S Wanderings said...

What a view! What a HOUSE! And YAY for helper bees! And I've used many exclamation marks here. Cuz I'm HAPPY and excited for you!

What IS the necklace on your slithering friend?

And your flamingos - looks to me like they're cozying up on an inukshuk-like figure.

Donna said...

I know! It is starting to look like a house instead of a box...pretty darn exciting if I do say so myself.
The necklace thing is just on there...a stripe on his skin. We thought he might be squished between the boards we were taking, but then all of a sudden he moved FAST and I squealed like a girl. :D
Yes, I did build a couple of towers out of rocks we found as they were cutting in the road in the neighborhood...I just didn't know they were inukshuk-like at the time. I haven't given up hope of creating a more figure like one...need more rocks!

K said...

Squealed like a girl. LOL!! He's beautiful. But how astonishing - that a big space on the top of a hill suddenly has a big box on it. And that the big, big box suddenly is a house! The wonderful attic space up there at the very top! And I know what you mean - the math-er part of me also loves those angles and shapes. I didn't love geometry in school, mostly because it was school - but I am fascinated by those sections and intersections against the sky, and against each other as they repeat in perspective. There must be something very primal in those peaked shapes especially; I feel the majesty of them, and I think there's a reason why architects over the eons have chosen them for churches and cathedrals.

I love watching a house change. I love the huge changes. With us, sometimes we made them - and other times contractors made them - and to come and see things having changed was energizing. But to have made the changes ourselves was life-affirming.

Now the wood will cover the trusses, and magically, the house shape will leap into reality. But before that comes the resting. Resting and dreaming. Good job!!

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Donna, it is coming along GREAT!!! Wow, what a difference the trusses made in making it look like a house! It is getting CLOSE!

And, the math lover in me totally gets the appreciation of the angles and lines! LOL! ;)

blessings ~ tanna

Donna said...

Kristen, I will be thrilled when we hire someone else to actually climb around up there and put on our standing seam metal roof and then I get to drive up and see it all done! That will seem like magic.
There isn't an attic way up there, is my "studio"...that whole top bit...well, except for some Shaker style storage along one wall. It has 7 windows and a door out onto our upstair porch...yes.
I think those rising angles do call out to our souls that long to rise along with them. I like the steepness of our roof...especially since I don't have to climb upon it.
Tanna, I am always surprised when the math love in me shows up...I married a math teacher and I love him, but me and math???? Hmmm.

no spring chicken said...

Oh my goodness!! It's a house! And a beautiful house at that... I too love the angledyness but there is certainly no math geek hiding in here! Congratulations. I think that you are the one that deserves a trip to the coast. I promise to think of you while I'm there! ;)

Blessings, Debbie

K said...

You don't even have to climb up there to fix shingles. HEAVEN. And when the rain falls, it will be loud and glorious. I LOVE a roof like that. If we could afford one, I'd do it in a heartbeat. And I said your name out loud in Santa Fe - just to have it be there again.

Donna said...

Debbie and Kristen -
Yea! I will have been to the coast and Santa spirit at least! And in my friend's hearts. Ahhh.
Kristen, I am so excited for the metal roof...didn't even price the difference in shingles and metal...I would feel like I had to go with the least expensive.
Debbie, maybe it is your artist soul that loves the angles...