Saturday, September 8, 2012

Tree Monkeys and Stuff

I mentioned this week that I had tree monkeys in my back yard cutting a few tall trees out of our tiny pine forest in the back yard.  After convincing my little husband that boards (probably painted white - I'll show you in a minute) would look really cool and cottage-y in our new house and then pricing some, he got the great idea to use some or our trees and our friend Bill's sawmill to make our own boards for the walls and floor and ceilings!
Here are the scary high tree monkeys:

Helllllooooo up there.  And how is that rope supposed to help him?

Can you see him?

Oh, there he is after he cut the top half off of the tree.

When all was said and done they cut down 5 trees and cut them into 9 foot lengths so we can make 8 foot boards.  Here are a couple of my inspiration photos from pinterest:

Nice, right?  Probably going to add color....somewhere.....

My little husband the math teacher figured out how big our scallops for window trim needed to be with his tursty compass way faster than I could sketch and try and sketch and try.  Handy being married to man who knows his way around a compass.
They will be painted white and built into a whole thing that is going to look sweet
 and old, if I have planned it correctly!

Our good dog, Mercy, started yelping when she moved certain ways last week so we took her to the vet fearing a problem with her shoulder or hip (she's a 90 pound baby girl).  Good news is that it is only arthritis (that's better than displasia, right?) and we are giving her some glucosimine.  The bad news is that she isn't to be jumping, like off the bed or out of the jeep.  So, the good news is that we had just gotten another super deal on an older Subaru (we are now a 2Baru family) so the jeep wasn't an issue.  The bad news is that now our bed is on the floor and it's a long way up in the morning and I can't reach the light to turn it off and the bedside table is too tall....waa waa waa.   It really isn't that big a deal and she hasn't yelped again so it is completely worth my inconvenience!  

I know.  We aren't wrapped right.  
But we found each other to wrap up with.
Life is good.


W-S Wanderings said...

2Baru. You crack me up, Donna. And you moved your bed to the floor FOR THE DOG! I LOVE that. You are an awesome mama who is wrapped beautifully, and warmly, so warmly.

The Pinterest pictures - get this - that's what WE are gonna do too! Right down to using lumber from our land as well. We're like decorating, homebuilding buddies, the lot of us :-)

Donna said...

Yay, WSW! I really like the top picture with the spaces between the boards, but am having a little trouble convincing the LH that it will still be warm in the house. See, I want my house to look like the 100 year old farmstead that yours actually is! Do you do Pinterest? I want to see your pins. Are you under WSW? I'll go check.

Rachel said...

As long as we're wrapped that's what matters right? :D

I love that you are using your own trees from your land! So much of 'you' is going into this house. You are building a legacy.

Poor puppy....... Levi's dog has arthritis too..... so sad. Way better than displasia though. Way better.

Rachel said...

Okay, as USUAL!!!! Wabi said it way better. You are wrapped beautifully and warmly..... I like that. Me, I'm just wrapped. :D Wrapped up in SOMETHING! :D

K said...

Rachel is wrapped up in my arms. and so are you two. typing one handed. eating theyummy breakfast g made for me. There. Done. Those shots of the white rooms - the have to be New England. That's so Atlantic Ocean. I'd have left them natural, myself. But I'd TOTALLY have made the boards from my own trees, had I that many extra. When we were planning our first house (if you don't count the one I bought before we were married, then THIS is our first house), we wanted to do log. I just LOVED the feeling of the log on the interior. But then we found out how much maintenance that means every year, and knowing us - taking care of a house is not our main gig. So we stuck cedar all over this house, and inside too - as much wood as we could cram in = of so many kinds. But it's no funky, cool, wonderful farmhouse, sadly.

I'm not sure I understand the wrapped up image - here. Because you're about as surely wrapped as anybody I've ever met, dear one - as WSW said. I'm the one who's always a-frayed.

Donna said...

Log was our first choice, too. Square, hand hewn with chinking...even went to visit a builder in VA, but the maintenance was going to be too much for us, too. I am feeling all white for now, but with the option of color to be added as needed.
Don't you say out there that someone isn't "wrapped right"? You know, the one wearing the toboggan and flip flops, or the one who likes rap instead of bluegrass....
Anyway, I am usually that one...slightly different drummer and such...not 'wrapped right' according to "them".
Like this morning for church I had one polka spot, gray and white, pink shirt, black sweater, black shoes and matching jewelry. I was happy with my hair and thought I was looking pretty good. Friend comes up to me with deep concern and says, "You don't look good. Are you alright?"
So, glad I didn't wear the orange and gray stripes with the polka spots!
I just gave her a hug and told her I was finer than fine!
What are you gonna do?
And I can't wait until we're all wrapped up together for a few days...wrapped right or wrong...just together.

Rachel said...

Sigh...... I wanted log too. Still do. But not until I'm rich enough to have someone maintain it for me.

Donna said...

A maintenance free log cabin? Yes, please.

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Your little tree monkeys would make me so nervous watching them work!! I can't wait to see your room with the pine lumbar!! You are wrapped just RIGHT, Donna!! And, I'm glad you have good company! xoxo ~ tanna

Donna said...

I'm with you, Tanna. I actually made the little husband go out and take the pictures! I'll be happy when I see my room with lumber, too...really happy! :D Slow and steady...slow and steady.

Baa-Me Kniits said...

How wonderful to be able to have the timber cut from your own place, its going to be truly awesome when its done! I love the scalloped edges too :-) I hope you all behave yourselves when you get together!! Have a great, fun and loving time xx I will be wanting photos :-)

MonchyB said...

I like white! you can combine with all the colours and can create so many new looks of the room. With yellow and green blankets and pillows you get a fresh look, violet and red gives you a vivacious and romantic look, brown looks warm... I wanted my bedroom white but then I "inherit" a bed and a wardrobe... I am going to ikea next week to buy new bedding, pilows and blanket to make a new look for a Fall;)
My bathroom is white with nut tree wood shelves. And I oiled them with tung oil. Same I did with inner doors and doorposts. Now I am saving for bookshelves. Also made from nut tree wood and impregnated with tung oil.
I am thinking to order some of your hand made creations to decorate my walls.
Love, M.

Donna said...

White and colors...that is exactly what I am thinking!
Slovenia has an IKEA? West Virginia doesn't have an IKEA....have to go to Pittsburgh.
We need more pictures of your flat.
And you just let me know what kind of creation you want and I will whip it up for you....what ever you want. At least I will try!
Love you!