Saturday, July 2, 2011


OK.  Zumba hurt in new places today...legs and arms still a little tired from yesterday...just sayin'.  But the ibuprophen is pretty much doing its job.
It was HOT today.  Much hotter than yesterday.  My little husband went through 3 bandannas and 2
t-shirts.  His bandannas were so wet he could squeeze wet out of them.  Ick.
The plan for today was to get the windows framed out on the front of the left side of the house, and we did.  It took all day, but we got it done and done well.  See?

Three windows.  This whole wall will just stand up on the edge where it is...

LOTS of measuring and cutting.  I am so proud when my little
husband trusts me to do the measuring and marking.
I only messes up once...I think.

And after MUCH measuring of the entire wall of windows,
and readjusting and clamping and nailing....
we ended up with lovely 90 degree angles in all the right places!

Here's what we learned today.  You build the window box first and then you put it in place in the wall instead of building the studs and then trying to fit the window box in between them.  It was really hard to hammer between the studs...but now we know and there are still lots of windows to be framed.
We learned that my little husband needs to take at least 2 shirts with him on the hot days.
We learned to keep smiling and say, "Lord, help me," when things are not going exactly the way
we had expected. 

In the middle of the day...taking a break, we had a visitor...or rather, we visited him...he never blinked or moved.  Do snakes blink?  Who knows what kind it is?

Then we had a couple of nice visitors at the end of the day...Anne and John.   John architected the house for us and Anne paid attention to the directions in yesterday's blog and brought us icy cold drinks.  Plus she upped the ante and brought fresh picked blueberries, too.  Yummy.

And of course, it was bound to happen...I whack a moled my finger.
 I was even wearing my gloves.

Oh, well that doesn't look too bad.  Maybe it will be
more colorful tomorrow.


haybales said...

So proud of you and Don! It's "hands on"
learning for sure.............

K said...

First - Zumba. Instead, I hauled around a sprayer and took out the goathead burr plants that are just starting to rear their ugly heads. Then the treadmill - watching So You THink You Can Dance. And that was my exercise excitement. Zumba is more fun. I haven't even gone to a class and I know that.

FRAMING. I LOVE FRAMING. It makes you feel like something is really, really happening. And framing windows. When we put up the addition to the studio, G and Randy framed in dozens of windows that will probably never see the light of day - why? Because a studio can't have windows, but after retirement (should that ever happen) the piano room becomes an actual living space. In our lifetimes? Depends on whether a rich uncle dies.

I can't wait to see ALL the walls. But even one up is fun. I like the footplates and bolts. There's something so impressively solid about those things.

I kinda hope your finger turns green and purple. It would make such a nice picture - ((KIISIIIISSES)

Donna said...

Kristen, first: goatheads. Those things are evil. When we lived in NM, our golden retriever, Boon, would always find one, no matter how diligent we tried to be. AAARRRGGGG.
Zumba is fun!
I can't wait to see the walls standing...hammer drill, big bolts and voila! Walls!

Stevie and Kristen....the "hands on" learning finger doesn't look any worse this morning, so no new pictures, but I'm sure there will be another photo op or two during this process!

W-S Wanderings said...

No! No more whack-a-mole/body parts photo ops! I mean, OUCH.

Yes, framing IS an exciting stage. Seems to go so quickly, and it gives me the wall makin's so I can better SEE things.

I LOVE Zumba. Well, I did love it for the one class that I tried. I have high distant hopes to partake in more classes. Exercise that doesn't feel like I'm deliberately exercising is perfect.

Donna said...

Yes, framing has allowed me to almost see my bedroom space. I know where the bed goes now, but not the dressers....need walls, interior walls. WSW, so glad you know about Whack-A-Mole. Now, when it is time to hit something, I just ask the little husband if I can whackamole it?