Friday, July 29, 2011

All Wrapped Up...and some other stuff

This week we drove the last nails on the first floor exterior we are, first nails and last.


 Do we look any wiser....or just tireder????
The last step was to wrap the whole thing in house wrap.  Just like doing a bulletin board...a BIG bulletin board.

 Look how straight those tacky Lowe's logos are. 
Wait.  What is that in the front door?
It's a bow, of course!  What's a wrapped package without a bow?  My tolerant little husband let me use a bit of the wrap.  I had to cut out the white strip between the logos...a small bit of wastage, for now.

So, waiting on windows and doors.  Going to start interior walls on the first floor tomorrow.  Now, I have to be deciding some things.

Here is the finished owl project from a few posts back.  I love them and so does their new owner!  Yes!
Here are some cool plants that you don't get to see very often around here.  I think they are called Indian Pipes...all green.  Cool, huh?

And we will call it a week.  Have a great weekend wherever you are!  Find your someone else's blessing.


Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Hip, Hip, Hurray!! Wonderful progress!! Lowes should hire y'all for advertising!! What a great testament to DIYers!! Love the bow!

We need close-ups of the own project!! It is too cute! I have never seen those Indian Pipes. God makes some amazing art, doesn't He? love 'em. Have a great weekend! blessings ~ Tanna

Donna said...

Tanna, no close ups this time...and they have landed at their new home already, but I'm sure there will be others, because I really like them.
I think I will leave the bow on until we get the front door put in...

K said...

I love watching this. I love the framing part. And I love that you can do the work yourselves. When we had the guys come and do the room, I adored watching the stick-by-nail progress and was astounded at how quickly you can put together the walls of a house, change the world,define a space, change your reality. The wrap is silly looking, but beautifully done - and suddenly, there is an inside and an outside.

Now, didn't you pretty much have to have your mind made up before this point? Did you lay the plumbing pipe into the cement of the slab? That pretty well sets your choices as to where to place toilets, sinks and washers - eh? I just had this idea: if I ever build again, which I'm not gonna do - I don't think - I'm going to lay pipe to EVERY ROOM IN THE HOUSE. I've wanted to change bathroom areas around and can't because the toilet clean-outs are eternal. What if you made walls so that you could put a cleanout potentially in a COUPLE of bathroom walls? But oh, well -

You look great and happy. And it's JUST like you to do that bow, you crazy thing. It is a deep gift to be able to stop and celebrate each step - I tend to plow ahead with my eyes closed just trying to get there. Celebration is as important as taking your vitamins - keeps you energized and strong.

Donna said...

Hey You, welcome back. Can't wait to hear about your trip.
Taking time to celebrate is something that having blog friends causes me to do...noticing and sharing...and I am grateful for that. Now, I should start taking vitamins????
Yes, we did put the plumbing in the slab so there are a few perameters, but I still get to make lots of decisions and sometimes I relish that and sometimes it is just mustard. :-)
I figured out that it took us just about 1 month to do the first floor, so one more month for the partial upstairs???? And my little husband told me today that we are having someone put the roof on for us! Yippee!
This is getting really long, but I have to tell you one little story. A couple of youngsters are building within sight in the neighborhood. They went from poured concrete basement to under roof in 4 days! They were no where to be seen in this process. Another friend in the neighborhood told me her little girl, Molly, asked how come their (the youngsters) house was done before ours. Her mom explained about having someone build for you and building yourself. Molly said, "Well, we should tell those people (builders) to go help Don and Donna because they were in line first." Gotta love the way an 8 year old thinks...

Donna said... that right now?