Tuesday, July 12, 2011

All By Myself

Today, my little husband had to run out and get something and he sort of off handedly said, "And you can make the nailer boxes for the short front wall while I'm gone." I was like, yeah, right...I'm gonna read my Where Women Create and dream about my studio space.  But then, that little competetive spirit rose up and said, "What?  You gotta do this!  And then you can be just sitting there reading when he gets back...with a Cheshire grin on your face!!!!  Get up and get it done." 
Well, OK then. 
I referenced the one we had completed already this morning and made 2 more exactly the same.  I only bent one nail and I got to use the big clamp to pull one of the torqued 2x6 boards back into line.
Here they are.  My little part that I did all by myself.  They go on the corners of the stud walls so that you have nailing surface to fasten corners together and a place for dry wall on the inside.
And a pretty, non-scary spider guy...he was a prettier green than this shows.

I think my little husband was proud of me when he got back...ahhh, smiling, smiling.


K said...

I LOVE doing stuff like that. Mowing part of the lawn when it's not my job. Building something that's usually outside of my area of responsibility. Showing I can do it. Helping. Goodonya, girl!!

W-S Wanderings said...

You GO, homebuilder! I LOVE that *all by myself* feeling. There is power in it. Growth in it.

Donna said...

It was a special little moment for me and the little husband. I think maybe he gets a little stressed about being in charge of this whole project. I was happy to be able to take this one little piece away for him, so he didn't have to do it or worry about it...