Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Too Tired...

...to even think of a title for this post.
Yesterday was frustrating.  Jeep was in the shop and we tried to remember to get all we needed out of it
before we left, but....we didn't.  
With tremendous strength and finesse (you know, hammer, clamps, sledge) we put 4x8 foot sheets of OSB on.  Little Husband could hoist one up and carry it, but I had to drag mine...oh well.  When the section of walls we wanted to cover were covered, it was time to put the top sill plates on.
We needed 2 ladders to put the top sill plates on before the Tyvek, but the Jeep was in the shop and we were NOT putting a ladder on MY Gwendolyn, so....

...I tried sitting on top of the wall and working instead of standing on a ladder.  The Little Husband was on the ladder we had (well, when he wasn't getting down to take the pictures...teehee).  I was afraid of falling off, making the wall fall down and/or getting splinters in my buttski.
We decided to put the Tyvek on without the top sill plate for now.  Off I came to cut pieces to put over the corners for extra reinforcement.  We got them all cut - even though the roll is 9 feet long and our longest cutting surface (OSB) is only 8 feet long.  Lots of shifting and straightening and such.

By now, it is time to go home and feed the Mercy girl and cool off for a bit.  It is threatening to rain so we go right back to get that Tyvek on.  What we find out is that the staple gun just won't do its job any longer...but, hey, the poor thing probaby qualifies as an antique.  Luckily, we had some roofing nails, so I held Tyvek up and my Little Husband pounded nails.  By the time we got the corners on we were well and truly pooped! 
But, you know what?  We both remained polite and pleasant with each other...even when everything had to be done the hardest way possible or left undone...
Yep.  I love my Little Husband.
And I did find these lovely little flowers in the meadow.

So, almost 12 hours at La Ti Da yesterday and we didn't get done what we wanted done...and then it rained!  And the Jeep didn't get fixed yet.
Today, we were taking a vacation day...sort of a busman's holiday...to go talk to the truss people (and I'll just tell you now, I am not clear on the difference between a truss and a rafter...I'm sure I will find out in due time) and the metal roof people in the next town (and state) over...a 45 minute drive.  I got my hair cut early this morning, Little Husband finally got the Jeep back and we were off.  The plan was, since it was a vacation day, to see Harry Potter.  We got all of our errands completed and to the movie in time to get popcorn...only to find out that it was only showing in 3D and I just can't do that....arrrggh.

So we came home with a new tool for putting up the Tyvek, put the ladder on the Jeep and went to Shangri La Ti Da at about 5:30.  I have to tell you, it was so humid that even my shirt was drenched in short order.  (Like yours always gets at Zumba, Karyn!)  Look at my poor Little Husband's shirt:

We did get Tyvek on this evening.  And ladders are not my best friends.  Up and down a 6 foot ladder 50 or 5000 times!  But she looks pretty good now, huh?
Back corner of the bedroom.

Front corner of the bedroom.

Here are the tools and the frustration meter photos...
Old...old...staple gun...no strength left in the poor old thing.

New "whackerwith" stapler.  Good for taking out frustrations!
(or causing them....)

Frustration causing staple.

Frustration releasing staple...flush...after a hearty hit with the "whackerwith".

You have seen pictures of Fiona and Finnegan, my flamingos (by the orchard) and now I have 2 more.  I am waiting for my favorite twins to come and visit and give them names.  Currently they are gaurding the milkweed in front of the house.

All is well for now.  How bad can it be when you have 2 new flamingos in your yard?
Heat index about 100 degrees tomorrow, so we will probably be done by noon...right Little Husband?


Karyn said...

Bless your hearts! What a day! It is a testament to both of you that you were able to stay civil with each other let alone polite and pleasant. That's a hard thing to do when you are tired, hot, and frustrated. \O/ (That's me cheering you on, if it turns out right...)

Poor husband! It isn't much fun to be that sweaty. I know from experience! It is, however, a reminder of all the hard work you put in.

We drove by there on Sunday evening to take a look at the progress. I was SO tempted to bust out the Sharpies and leave you little messages on your 2Xwhatevers, but I controlled myself. ;P

It's a good thing Zumba was cancelled this week! You need a rest, and I know you will rest easier knowing you aren't missing anything.

Donna said...

Thanks for the encouragement and the cheer \0/...
I would have loved to see messages on the boards, but you will still get a chance. We are going to have a home blessing where you get to write blessings on the floor or walls before they are finished. However, you can start now if you want to!
I didn't think I would ever say it, but I'm glad Zumba is cancelled this week, too. I hate missing it even when I am too tired!
You will have to come visit again so I can give you the tour.
Oh, and happy birthday to you and your birthday present, Lydia!

no spring chicken said...

It looks like a giant, wrapped present!! Sorry it's so tedious, though if you can get through a day of 100 degree heat and failing tools without acting like a buttski ~ I call that a major success!

Blessings, Debbie

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

You two are to be commended on maintaining a pleasant working relationship in the midst of all of that. Y'all are making good progress! blessings ~ tanna

Donna said...

Thanks so much, ladies. It is really all my little husband's doing...he is just naturally a peaceful and patient person. Me? hmmmmm

K said...

Progressss. progressss - I love whackers. And you looked like you were riding a horse up there. Except it was a house. And you were riding a HOUSE, then. Your form was FINE. Good job treating each other like partners on a good journey - but this is not a surprise at all. I glow with it.

W-S Wanderings said...

Building a house in this heat is unimaginable. I'm not even managing to *clean* a house in it.

Tyvek. You know what bugs me about it? The advertising. I figure the company should have darned well paid *us* to plaster their name all over our home. But they didn't, so we put a bunch of it on upside down. And to be clear, by 'we', I mean my husband, and not me at all.

A whackerwith. I didn't know about these. Brilliant! But not nearly as brilliant as your flamingos! They make me smile :-)

Donna said...

Kristen, do you think I could ride a horse if I can sit a house with fine form? Have to be a softer seat...I had some uncomfortable bruises!
It really is a blessing to learn to love my little husband in this new way.
Whackerwiths are pretty fun. You can even whack out a little tune.
WSW...I gave up cleaning the house for sure. By the time we get in from building the house we just have to recover!
I am so with you about the name all over the Tyvek...arrrggh. I never buy clothes or anything else that sports the brand name, but I didn't know any other choices...and, to top it off...I really don't like blue! We will be doing the siding before the inside if I get to vote! Oh, and my two favorite twins came and named the flamingos: Wizard and Twinkie! I am tempted to have a flock of them...so tempted!

W-S Wanderings said...

Give in to the flamingo temptation! I mean, who has whole flocks of them???? YOU! Cuz you're full of whimsy and the wonder-of-it-all-ness. And you let your favourite twins name them. And you're just so darn fun!

Now, this keeps happening to me - I was hoping to get caught up, but it's gonna have to wait, cuz life is crazy busy. Gotta get prepared for the next round of guests. Summertime is like that.


Donna said...

TeeHee, WSW....maybe the flock will come as homewarming gifts! There's an idea!
Have a fun time with your lucky guests....