Sunday, July 10, 2011


Yesterday was one of "those days" from the beginning.  I had Zumba at 9:00 and my little husband had a meeting, but we had helper bees coming around 11:00 so there were a couple of things we needed to get done before they got there.  I got dressed for Zumba and zoomed out to Shangri La Ti Da while my little husband got organized for his meeting.  He zoomed out a few minutes later than me with his clean meeting shirt in the Jeep.  But in the few minutes I was left alone out there I had a little incident.
You know how lumber comes all stacked and bundled tight with straps?  Well, I need 2x4s and I couldn't pull them out from under the straps so I had to cut the straps.  No problem, I had my handy utility knife in my tool belt...I just had to be on the other side of the way the strap was going to "fwing" when I cut it loose and I was.  First strap - good!  Second strap I had to step in between two of the big stacks of lumber to reach the strap ( I couldn't go on the other side because of the "fwing") and cut it.  When it went "fwing" the whole stack on the side I was squeezed in on fell over on my legs.  It was only about 10 or 12 boards, but I could not get my legs out.
It is one of those interesting things, that I think about from time to time.  Why do we cry?  For me, I cry over sadness or emotional distress of any sort when I am by myself, or with others,  but I never cry from pain when I am by myself, only when I am with others.   Hmmm.
So, anyway, no crying.  Just put down the utility knife...oh, close it first...and start picking the 2x4s up and putting them back on the stack and off of my legs. 
Well, that turned into quite a story and I am happy to report that I only ended up with a few bruises...thank the Lord.
We both returned from our early morning, non-homebuilding events and got to work.  Helper bees arrived and things started moving quickly....what a difference 4 people make instead of 2!
Let's look at the pictures, and I'll tell you about a couple more of "those day" incidents...
Helper bees...and the little husband...take your places.

And lift....

...and get it on the line....

...and smile!

I got to help hoist wall #2, so not action photos.
And here's wall #3 in it's right place.  These three walls are our bedroom, reading nook, step in closet, laundry room, and bathroom...with a claw foot tub for soaking and reading!

I had to drive out to get pizza for the helper bees and this is what my home looks like as I drive in to where the garage will be...right behind the bedroom section.

So, here we have sill seal to put under the sills all around the house.  Interestingly enough, one of the helper bees says,   "You know, sometimes, I've seen contractors put this stuff down to seal the space between the floor and the sill."
"Oh, really," I say.  "You know what?  We have that stuff."
But, guess what?  We stood all those walls up without putting the sill seal underneath.  Ah.  One of "those days"

Here is the tool of the day.  It's real job is to lift dry wall into
its proper place at some point, but today...

...we used 2 of them to lift the walls, small sections at a time,
so that I could crawl about and slide the sill seal under the sill
so that it would seal properly.
That's sill seal in its proper place.  I don't believe
we will use this exact technique on the remaining walls.
See the holes.  I drilled those the other day.  This day, the hammer drill was used to drill the holes into the concrete.  It's a BIG old power tool...I'll show you a picture in a minute.  We had to clean out the holes and squirt some goo in that sets up and hold the all thread not even a tiny jiggle at all.   Then on go the washers and nuts and my house walls are secure.  What?  Really?  A few screws is all that is between me and wall collapse????
But, another of "those day" moments happened when the little generator that we use for power for now, "walked" over top of the extension cord and burned through power.  Off to the store.

Tomorrow, when, it is just me and the little husband, and not all those seriously male helper bees, I will get to use the hammer, here is a photo of me holding it and looking a bit dangerous...and not at all dressed for work.  Just back from church.

And finally, as I was leaving for the day, here is the view
through the "orchard" of our home. 
Our "orchard" currently has a peach and an apple tree, but more are planned.

It was one of "those days" and my home is starting to stand! 
Happy day.

Thank you worker bees!  Come again when you can....


W-S Wanderings said...

I am reading things all out of order here, which is what I get for not visiting in a timely manner. So, I'm noting that I *just* left a comment on an older post about NOT sustaining any further injuries, and here I am reading about a super SCARY "incident". I didn't leave my comment soon enough! Donna, you are making my house building experience sound like a cakewalk. For the duration of the construction, I was stuck in a tiny flat with 3 big children and 1 little baby (and later, pregnant -- which I do not do gracefully). I was going crazy, BUT I WAS SAFE. Holy smokes, friend, you are on quite the adventure. Thank heavens you are well enough to tell the tale. But please, STAY SAFE! Watching your house rise to a stand is exciting enough. No need for dramatic injuries!

THAT is an impressive power tool.

K said...

Oh baby - don't hurt yourself. That could have been much worse, as you well know. I am so grateful it was just what it was. And it sounds like something I would do, dang it. But you listen to Wabi, woman. And have FUN with that hammer drill. But WEAR EYE SHIELDS when you use it. This is NO time to blind yourself.

WALLS!! WALLS!! (I'd have left the insulation off, too. I just know I would've.)

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

You go, girl! Love that photo with the hammerdrill. Not many women can claim to know how to do that!! I enjoy seeing your progress and look forward to seeing more. BE CAREFUL!! blessings ~ tanna

no spring chicken said...

I hope you learned your lesson. And I hope you learned a lesson. And I hope you learned a lesson... Hmm it seems this day was a day of lessons! Y'all are so much fun... Maybe someday I'll build a house, just so I can pose with one of those electric bad boys!!

Blessings, Debbie

Donna said...

Thanks for the support, friends. I am praying for no more injuries, too, but am a bit afraid that the bigger the tools get the bigger the chance of catastrophe! However, I must try the hammerdrill. I think it is as close as I will ever get to those BIG drills they use on the roads that make all that noise and jump all about even with those big roadworker guys hanging on them. Always reminded me of a motorized pogo stick. I hope the hammerdrill doesn't take me for a ride...and nothing else falls on me.
And oh, the lessons I am learning!

K said...

"I hope the hammerdrill doesn't take me for a ride..."


W-S Wanderings said...

A motorized pogo stick - brilliant! And I am SO sick of those things at this point. My husband had to use one to break up the concrete block (patio) that surrounded our house. I seem to recall it jarring away at a wall in the basement too. I don't think I'll ever forget *feeling* that sound.

Donna said...

I am seriously hoping that the hammerdrill we have won't be shaking any of our newly standing walls! Or me, overly. Still waiting for my chance to try it out.
"feeling" a the bass drums in the band...right in your chest it beats!