Saturday, August 25, 2012

Just a Hint and a Treat

We are just about to change seasons here and it is always a magic time for me.  People ask what my favorite season is and it must usually be the one we are in, unless it is very near the end of the current season and I am already anticipating the next one, which then becomes my favorite.

So, I am only now beginning to see hints of the beauty that is coming....this one right in my own yard.

This hint, and the covered dish dinner at church and the covered dish Arts Council meeting on Monday, got me thinking of fun fall treats.  No, I don't actually "cook" real food for these things.  I usually volunteer for the paper products or chips or drinks, you get the picture.  Real cooking for others is too stressful for me...and who needs that?  Besides, there is always WAY more food than is needed at these things, so I am going with treats!  Cute fall treats that I found on....say it with me...Pinterest!  Here we go:
Supplies assembled...

Step one.

Dark chocolate kisses and mini Nutter Butters...that's pretty healthy, right?

Step two.  Completed project.
How easy was that?
But, wait....what is it?
Who knows?
There.  Do you see the clue in the leaf bowl?

Oh, there it is again.

Cute little acorns....edible and healthy!
(and I don't know what happened to the color....sorry)

Now, only one problem.  What to do with the left over supplies...

Have you seen any hints of the season to come?  Have you made treats to share?


Chelsea Marie Long said...

These are super cute!!!!

Donna said...

Hey, thanks! That means a lot coming from you....the Queen of all things cute! And even more thanks for reading and commenting on my blog...who knew we would be bloggers one day.....Love you!

Rachel said...

Those left overs need to be taken care of by someone who can appreciate them. ;)

I love Nutterbutters!!! And chocolate!!! So your acorns would be a big hit in this house. Not the family though...... I'd be ripping their heads off trying to keep them away from them! :D

Donna said...

My little husband has applied to be the one to take care of those left overs and appreciate them! Just as well, since he can't have any of the acorns until after church tomorrow!

K said...

Wait - I WANT SOME TOO. I could make fun treats. I'm SURE I could. Now, here is the diff between you and me right now: you are perky and excited to see the hints. Me? Rachel and I were driving home from down south the other day and were SHOCKED AND TERRIFIED to see that the mountains are already changing. I mean MAJORLY changing. Third week of AUGUST? that's at least two weeks early. Maybe three. I don't feel ready or excited because we're still having to run the cooler on high at night and it's going to be 95 degrees every day next week. It's not right. IT'S JUST NOT RIGHT. I'm way off balance these days. Maybe I just need some nutterbutter acorns -

Donna said...

We WILL whip up a batch when I am out there! It is early here, too, but I love the change of the seasons so much that I just embrace it when it comes. We surely have at least one more hot stretch coming, but for the past week it has been quite AC here for about a week and we only ever have one little window unit (for my husband and Mercy mostly).
Just so there are some pretty leaves left on those mountains in a month!

W-S Wanderings said...

Autumn has long been my favourite season, but like Kristen, a NORMAL autumn, at the NORMAL time. Whaddup with the early changing leaves? This seasonal disorder has created emotional disorder for me. I just can't seem to adjust. I want to do my usual autumn adoration. Is it too much to ask for it be at the usual time as well?

Yep, I need some awesome, tasty acorns too!

MonchyB said...

it looks easy to make and DELICIUS!
I checked Pinrest at this occasion:) I never did before. I`ve got an idea for a Christmas tree!