Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Baby, It's Cold Outside

We are day #7 of no school for the kids and they won't be back until next Tuesday, so that makes a 10 day unscheduled vacation which might be fun except about 1/2 of our county still doesn't have, are the kids warm, safe, fed?
There are shelters all around the county, some Red Cross and some churches, so hopefully they are getting the care and attention that they need.
Here at my house, we have had electric and heat since day #2 of the whole event, but I don't turn the heat up very high and wear lots of, Skippy Jo Lohr had to take matters into his own short furred paws.

New boots (and their box) that I never got to wear last winter.

Skippy Jo Lohr has an idea.
Let me look at it from this side.

Skippy Jo Lohr got himself into the box.

And is waiting for me to put the lid back down and go away.

 He spent quite a little while napping inside the box with the lid down....snug as the proverbial but in that same rug.
This is just one of the machines that are in and about our county right now.  We have lots of people from far away working long hours in unfriendly weather and rough after day after day.
At the end of the day the lot where the Buckwheat Festival takes place is full of 
BIG work trucks from all over the south east.

And this guy below was in the shower with me the other morning.
Cute, huh?

Just wondering if the real winter is going to be like the end of fall?


Rachel said...

This is just so hard to imagine. Here I am out in my yard cleaning out flower beds sweating away in 70 degree weather and yet, in two days time, we're supposed to drop and get snow.......

Makes me sad to think there are so many without...

Donna said...

It is sad, but also heartening to know how tough and kind the people are here in my mountains.

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

There is a true pioneer spirit that lives in your neck of the woods. I love it. I'm really, really glad you have power though!! blessings and hugs and prayers... tanna

W-S Wanderings said...

I want to crawl into that box with Skippy Jo Lohr. Just crawl in, nap, and make the world go away for awhile.

Still no electricity for half the county? Oh my. Brrrr.

Donna said...

Little by little they are bringing the county back to light! It has taken lots of people from out of state to be willing to be here and get it done. Skippy Jo likes to snuggle....sometimes!

Donna said...

Mountain people are just a good way! Thanks for the hugs and prayers...always!

no spring chicken said...

Goodness Donna, It's so strange... I didn't realize where you live. I'm so thankful that you are well and so loved your recounting of the blessings in your previous post! He is good all the time isn't He? I'm still praying for the east coast and now specifically for you and all of your little people. Donna is safe- Blessing!


Donna said...

Thanks, Debbie. I'm glad you have me located now.