Sunday, November 27, 2011

Hey. Are You Still There?

So, I don't have any good reason for the long absence from here.  I don't even know.  I have just been in a quiet place, I guess.  The ending of the in your face, vibrancy of fall and its fading into the mostly muted, soft, quiet of the winter season seeped into my heart.  I have been busy and invigorated with the new tutoring job and we are making progress on the house, but each time I sit down to write, the words just seem to poof. 
It isn't that I don't want to share.  Maybe it is a bit of longing to really get to sit and chat with some of you who I only know on know, in person.  I mean, isn't it just the tiniest bit odd that we may really never see each other?  But, on the other hand, I like my blog friends better than some people I see all the time.  :-)
I'm back and even though I haven't been very communicative lately, I have thought of you often...with a smile.

And now, this minute when I want to finally share a few things with you, my camera has gone a bit missing!  That could be a problem.

Are you still there? 
Hope so.


Karyn said...

I'm still here! I miss you. It feels like forever. Haha...It's only been a week. I have a few new ornaments to show you, and I managed to part with two of them. (One to my mother for her birthday, and another to my sister to give to a friend.) I even got one of my friends started on her own set of ornaments to go with the Jesse tree she is doing with her children this year. :)

Donna said...

Yea! Can't wait to see you and your ornaments! I'm so thrilled that you are being crafty. I have one thing for show and tell at Zumba, too. Did you sell the one to your friend???? I know. I started out by just giving mine away, too. :D

W-S Wanderings said...

I'm still here, delighted that you are too. I've been suffering from poofing words as well. It's been a busy November, with mild days leading to all sorts of bonus days of getting outdoor things done. Which is good, but busy. Then there's the long dark evenings. Something about them that poofs my words, I think.

I figure that blog friends are like penpals with pictures. That mitigates the oddness for me. Which is kind of a curious thought, cuz I'm pretty sure that I have no business mitigating oddness.

Now a camera that is a bit missing is A LOT concerning in my books!

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

You know I am. ;) You never know! I've met a few of my blogger friends and each time it is a real treat!! Who knows when paths may cross? Find that camera! LOL! blessings ~ tanna
ps what's this about another blog?

Donna said...

*WSW, it is the early dark that throws me off a bit, too. And you are certainly oddly mitigable!
*Tanna, I just meant another blog post, not a new blog...whew, can barely keep this one going. Meeting blog friends???? wow.

K said...

Always. Late, but always. Poofy words. I haven't even been USING my camera. Did you find it? Here's the thing about meeting people you've only written to: once you see them, and that first shock of reality fades - it's like you've known each other forever. Someday, I'll come to see you. I will.

Donna said...

***Kristen, always it most important, always. I did find my camera...poor little thing is so tiny that it slides into little nooks and crannies. I am quite sure that we will meet. You will be on a big book tour and have to come to the east coast and I will find you.