Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Amost Heaven: West Virginia! Hello Lucy

Little Lucy, the world travelling bunny, came to visit here in West Virginia....Almost Heaven!  And she was still smiling and happy even after being locked in the dark box all the way here from Utah.  She didn't even have to nibble all of her carrot.  I bet she must have used her backpack for a pillow.
After a couple of days of rest, we took a trip to Tamarack, the Best of West Virginia, ( so I could drop off 3 pieces of art for a show in the gallery and let Lucy see some of the state's best arts and crafts.

Did you see Lucy perched up in the daffodil? 
Go back and look.  Now, let's go see what is inside the building.
Here is Lucy perched on the frame of one of Dave Houser's
finest pieces of stained glass.  West Virginia has 55 counties and
very few straight lines.  Preston County is the
red piece with the 2 straight edges. 
Dave is from Preston County.

Hey!  Here is one of my pieces of artwork for sale....Just Bee.
This is an Allegheny Treenware gravy bowl and ladle...
they are from Preston County, too.

And here she is in one of Shelia's nice baskets...
another fine Preston County artist.
West Virginia has long been famous for glass making...
look at those swirls and colors. 
 Lucy looking very stylish in there.

Susan Feller made this pretty ruglet. 
I took a class from her once upon a time and made
a hooked pin with a sassy little chick in the middle.
Oh!  Now we're talking. 
Lucy and her new kitty friends. 
They had lots to talk about.

And then it was time for a little ride on the pony. 
Much more her size than that gigantic thing at Kristen's house.

One that would have fit under this beautiful hand made saddle.
On the way home we went over the New River Gorge Bridge...
well, we went over it on the way down, too,
but the pull off was on this side and not that side...
this bridge is the longest single arch span in the northern hemisphere...
or maybe the world!  It was a little bit scary for Lucy sitting there....

 She was very brave, but didn't want to lean out far enough to get this photo that shows how you walk out there to do the under the bridge walking tour.  It even made my knees shake.
 If you want some more info, you can try to read the sign.
One day I wore this necklace to school and my 5th graders wanted to make one of their own. 
Since I taught them how to sew to make their poetry pockets, they have bitten by the bug. 
It's sweet.

Here's Lucy waiting with the supplies for the kids to come up
(during their lunchtime!) to sew. 
 They were very excited to meet her and hear about her travels so far. 
 They checked out her Passport to see everywhere she has been.

Look at all these busy hands....

After seeing all the kids busy making their own necklaces, Lucy decided she would like one of her own.
So, being an easy touch for an international bunny, I made her one. 

Remember the comment about the big horse at Kristen's?  Well, I don't have horses, but I do have a dog that is just about as big as a small horse...especially if you are a small rabbit.  But the Mercy girl is very friendly, so aside from a few slurps all is well.
 I guess dog riding is an acquired talent...and she wasn't even standing up!
It was great fun to host Lucy here in West Virgina. 
Afterall, everyone loves Lucy, right?
I hope she has a great time on her next stop. 
I wonder if she is starting to miss her momma back in Austrailia?

Don't you wish you could travel by post?  See the world a stamp at a time....


W-S Wanderings said...

Ha ha! You got me laughing all the way through your post. Now, this idea of seeing the world one stamp at a time is intriguing...until that world includes Canada. Travel within Canada would be fine, but any travel involving its borders would be painfully slow. No backpack would ever be pillow enough to soften THAT crick in the neck.

haybales said...

OMG! My favorite post so far. Kinda makes me sad that Lucy will be leaving WV.

Donna said...

*** WSW, So, if I get mailed to Canada, I should plan to be there for awhile, eh? And bring a book with one of those bitty book lights for inside the box! So, you think Lucy had fun visiting here?

***Stevie, thanks for traveling with a crazy woman and a wild hare!

Baa-Me Kniits said...

Donna Lucy looks like she had the best time at your place! She saw so much and then met the children and crafted with them, just perfect. I had to shut my eyes when I looked at that bridge as high! I always wanted to know what West Virginia looked like, lucky Lucy. Love her little heart necklace as cute!

I can't find an email address for you on your profile page so you will need to email me so I can add you as a contact for Lucy's Blog and I can email you her next destination.

Thanks for hosting Lucy and showing her such a fun time :-)

K said...

Donna - if you post yourself to Canada, I PROMISE you it will take a month to get there, and I have NO idea where you will be lingering while they decide what to do with you. It is a Canadian mystery. But knowing the beautiful folk I do up north, I've got to figure that the post people must have their reasons (not because the beautiful folk make them cautious - that came out funny). Maybe they try to hatch the packages or something. But it's worth the wait.

And see? Poor Jenn - she wrote me about this three days ago, and I have not stopped taking my inDesign course or scanning my pages (going on 600) even to make myself a sandwich. So her message got swallowed. I am DOPEY!! But I sent you her address, so now maybe all will be well.

Huff. Puff. It's actually raining outside just now.

Donna said...

***Kristen, with a good book, I can stay in a place for a pretty long time...especially when I can look forward to visiting Littlest...oh, and WSW, too, of course! Glad you are happy is happy busy, right? What more wondrous things will you be able to do after your inDesign course? I will get with Jenni one way or another.
Still waiting for winter here, too! Mud is my least favorite season.
***Jenni, I am all about tracking you down now...

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Loved the travel with Lucy, the world traveler! Most of all I loved seeing 'her' help the children with their necklace projects!! heaven. Oh, heaven! blessings ~ tanna

Rachel said...

Looks like Lucy has been on another fun adventure! I don't think I'd want to travel one postage stamp at a time but..... I would love to travel where Lucy is traveling by airplane to get there faster. :) I would love to visit this shop where Lucy visited. I'd be dead broke by the time I left but what a fantastic shop!!!

Your necklace you made is just adorable.

Donna said...

Tanna, it was geat fun having her. I loved the visit with the kids best, too. You know I tutor kids who are often the fringe element and with me they are safe and encouraged and loved. It is a blessing for all of us.

Donna said...

Rachel, we have TWO wonderful art spots that showcase only WV artists and art. My favorite is really the other one, but you are right about coming away empty pocketed and full handed from a visit to either of them.
Stamp travelling is slower, but so much cheaper! :-)

Donna said...

Hey, they must have changed Blogger so I can comment right back to you, right under your least I don't remember it being available before. Still just cold here.
And you are not dopey and I see from some other comment somewhere that your inDesign stuff is for Kindleing your book. Are you doing a new cover and everything?