Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Vacation Part 2: Higher Learning

Our next stop was in Raleigh.  Toddy's son, Kevin, teaches at UNC-Chapel Hill, so we got to tour around Duke and UNC.  He took us to Duke first and told us that after people see Duke, they aren't too impressed with UNC and you might think that is true for me as well because all the pictures are from Duke, but the fact is UNC was spectacular in its own way, but much more tightly packed, so hard to take pictures of and it was HOT and I was tired and sweaty and just didn't get the camera out...yes, it was that hot and HUMID.
OK.  Done whining.
Here are a few Duke pictures.
Pretty.  There were giant big koi in there, too.

Duke Chapel. 
 Really?  Chapel????  
But, Kevin, explained it can't be called a cathedral 
unless it is the home church of a bishop....
at least I think that is what he explained.

It is right next to the Duke Divinity School.
Most of the buildings on campus were made of 
this stone.  It did have a very European look and feel.

Soaring vaulted ceilings and stained glass.

To the very front left of this picture
(you can't see it at all)
is a prayer chapel where the founding
fathers are buried.
You aren't allowed in there unless you are praying.
I went in and was walking by each crypt saying a 
prayer of thanksgiving for men of vision when the
caretaker came to tell me I had to leave if I wasn't
praying.  I explained that I was walking and praying, but 
he still ushered me out.  He also told Toddy she didn't
need to pay to light a candle because they weren't 
Catholics, but had just taken their candle idea.
As we were leaving he closed the gate and took my arm.
He said, "Sometimes I pray while I am walking, too."

He was doing his job gently.

Duke was beautiful.  UNC was also beautiful in a red brick, grow as you need to, but don't cut down the big old trees kind of way.

Next, we three muskateers were on our way to the beach at Nags Head.  Vacation Part 3.


K said...

Gorgeous arches. One thing I love most about the east is the stone - they had to do something with it, I guess - not exactly good for farming - so they built. Chapel - yes, I'd have had trouble with that, too. I wonder how the Catholics can stand having tourists walk through their holy places like that. When we were in Notre Dame in Paris, there were just these fat americans in shorts and loud shirts and hats, walking around in the cathedral, shooting pictures and yelling back and forth while there was an actual mass going on. Of course, there was also a gift shop in the place that was selling stuff at the same time. Weird.

Donna said...

Everyone was deeply respectful here. I love the lone worshiper in the pew. But, I have been in cathedrals where that is not the case. Tricky balance between God and the world....wonder if it really works. Weird indeed.

Rachel said...

My feathers got ruffled when you said you were ushered out because you were walking and praying but then they smoothed when he told you that he walks and prays too. What a nice gentle soul......

Amazing building. Just amazing! Someday, I look forward to meeting George Washington. He is one of my heroes. I so admire that man.

Donna said...

Abraham Lincoln is my favorite president...

Rachel said...

Abraham Lincoln is my second favorite. :D My sons and I had this conversation just yesterday.

Donna said...

He is the president who made WV a state so he has a special place for me...but GW surveyed through this neck of the woods back in the day, too.

W-S Wanderings said...

We would never have got past the pond with the koi. No matter where we're going, the kids get mesmerized by the pond or creeks with the flashes of fish. I remember going to a HUGE amusement park. We were stalled for some surprising hunk of time in the parking lot. Because there were fish in the creek.

Walking and praying. Totally doable.

Donna said...

So, I didn't tell you how long I stayed by the pond...coming and going! I think that is a good thing that your kids are more excited about real life in ponds and creeks than the magic world of an amusement park...and a day when you can enjoy both????? Yes siree, Bob!