Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A Tale of Two Cats

Once upon a time there was a very old cat named Willow who lived with a couple of people who said they were about done with having pets...they wanted to travel and such...
Then there was a stray cat and a very long and cold winter.
Soft hearts made a warm spot for the stray and it took all winter and into the Spring for him to warm up to them enough to get petted...just an outside kitty.  Don't want to upset the old Willow.
Until the stray started loving them and they named him Weaver.
And he gets to live inside as much as he wants, but he still has a bit of the wanderer in him so some nights he goes on walk about.
Willow and Weaver like each other. Weaver is respectful and Willow is tolerant.
And I get to watch/look in on them when the people travel.

Here was today's visit.
Hello.  Glad you came to visit.  
I'm Weaver, the new guy.
Follow me.  Let's go in and eat!
 Since I am the new guy,
I have to let Willow eat first.
I'll just sit here and hope there is some
 of that soft food left.
 OK.  He's been eating a while.
Maybe I will hover on this side.
 Oh, I might as well just eat some of the crunchy kind.
Willow says, "Now that's a good idea, Weaver Boy.  
I don't like to be rushed."
 Pretty tasty.
Um.  Are you coming home soon?
I kind of miss you.
Oh, and Larry thought the flowers were getting too much rain.

He's an engineer.  Can you tell?

Life in the cat lane.


Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Willow and Weaver are lucky to have you to check in on them. ;) Yes, the rain-shield is very engineer-like. Hope you are having a wonderful summer, dear Donna!! blessings and hugs ~ tanna

Amy said...

Oh thank you, thank you for your "tail" of my two cats! I love the pictures too. Now go back and get some more info on Larry and write a tale about him! Thanks for taking the time to visit. I know W&W enjoyed your company! SLB

Donna said...

Summer is going well, Tanna...making some real house progress....posts soon.

Donna said...

Stevie, the boys were happy and purring and no Tale of Larry...he's obviously busy engineering! He's writing a list of things to tell you when you get to communicate...

Cynthia said...

The W names remind me of my friend and mentor Kim who died much too young from lung cancer (she never smoked). Her cats were named Waylon and Willie. Willie was a girl.

Donna said...

Love names like that.
Willow is really Wee Willow Sport named after a previous kitty with the same name who was called Sport. Weaver is Weaver because he weaves dangerously all around your feet.
Sorry about your friend, Kim.... :(

Kim said...
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K said...

Too bad to be allergic to cats, you know? You'd have liked ours - the ones now long gone into history. Wow - the green of that forest behind your house - stunningly beautiful. Too much rain - will you end up with awful mosquitos? We've hardly got any this year. Evidently ONE, judging by the lumps on my elbow at present (WHY do they choose the bony places?).

Donna said...

The mosquitos have not been any worse than usual I don't believe. I did have one bite on my head, in my hair!
We are extremely green this year.
Wish you were here to see....

W-S Wanderings said...

Oh, I do love cats. And these cats have such lovely names. Beautiful names to suit their beautiful selves.