Saturday, August 3, 2013

Post Hole Porch Prelude....

The last big truck came to Shangri La Ti Da with supplies for our garage, deck and upstairs screened in porch.

I can remember how exciting it was to get the first load of house building supplies as we started this adventure!  And getting the last load was pretty exciting, too!
Still need a few garage roofing supplies, but not a BIG truck full!

And then the fun began.  Post holes.  Four to start for the upstairs porch and then 10 more....LATER...for the garage.

Here are the tools.  Nothing fancy or electric. 
Good old fashioned human power.
And here is where the porch goes....
commence digging!

I was in charge of the spud bar to
loosen up the dirt...and I use the term 
dirt very loosely, because it was anything
but loose....lots of hard pack and clay!
That spud bar weighs about 305 lbs!  
OK.  Maybe there is one digit too many
in there....but not by the end of day 
weighed at least 305 lbs. by then.

My little husband had the clam shovel to 
pick the dirt up and out.

Hole 32+ inches deep and 12" square.

Bricks in the bottom for the post to sit upon.

See that one nice band of topsoil....about 5" worth and it 
got covered with the dirt dug out from the house hole...
but it was a nice little break.

Our good friend, Rick, came to help and that was such a blessing.  I could have done what he did, but then we wouldn't have had anyone to take the pictures!  
Get it level and build supports.

Yep.  Still level.

Put in some concrete...

...and some more concrete.
Those things aren't going anywhere for awhile.

Ready to see how much it is starting to look like a porch?

I did a happy dance!

I love working on the house with my little husband.  And I love when help comes, too!  And I love that I can start to see my porch.....ahhhhh.


Rachel said...

I can remember my dad building fence around our pastures. Fun memories. Maybe not for him but they are for me. :)

Your little house is sure coming along!!!

Donna said...

God bless him. Post hole digging is reason enough for me to never have a fence!

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Oh, Donna! That is going to be a wonderful porch and deck!! You will enjoy it so much!! Great job with that 305lb. spud bar!! ;) Woo hoo!! for the progress!! Hope you have a most productive week with your building!! blessings and hugs ~ tanna

Donna said...

Tanna, it is going to be screened in...did I say that in the post? I think we will spend LOTS of time out there.
Weather has been cool and cooperative ... hoping it continues. SO happy for progress. Love, d.

W-S Wanderings said...

Ahhh, the satisfaction of progress! Imagine the outdoor living you will get to enjoy from the comfort of your labours. And I've gotta say, that square hole is mighty impressive.