Monday, October 8, 2012

Pieces and Parts

Sometimes it is the big picture you want to see, but often it is the pieces and parts that make up the big picture that are most lovely.

I love the patterns and designs that are all around in nature and architecture and rides on the midway.

And feet in worn boots....big and little leaning into each other.

I love the surprise of an unseen hiss, swish and boom that lights up the night sky...even with a nearly full moon.

I know that forever and always my little husband loves me, but those times he passes by me and drops a kiss on the top of my head are most lovely.


K said...

Perfect. Well shot. Beautiful said. I feel the same way. What was it that Carolos-Williams said,

so much depends
a red wheel
glazed with rain
beside the white

I have felt this, too - not about chickens, but about similar still lifes, glimpsed and suddenly compelling. The tender mercies. The tiny embedded jewels of blessing.

Rachel said...

I love the purple veins in that leafy vegetable thingy. :D

Your last sentiment. As your little husband walks by and gives you a kiss on the top of your head. This makes me happy. I'm glad you have a little husband who treasures you so as you are, a treasure!

Donna said...

Lots of times I don't even want to take a picture of the moment, knowing it won't capture the magic I feel....but sometimes you have to take them so your heart is reminded later.
A well done from you means a LOT! Thanks, friend.

Donna said...

I know, right? My 2 favorite colors. My theory of what colors 'go together' is that if God thinks they look good together, then I do, too!
And my little husband? So much more than I deserve.

no spring chicken said...

Your pictures are wonderful Donna... and your poem! Come play with me anytime.

*I'm loving the idea of people trying to figure out where the poem is in your post. ;)

Donna said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the poetic reply! You inspire my inner poet!