Wednesday, October 17, 2012

River Canyon:BIG Rocks

Another amazingly beautiful day here.  Some years by this time we have already had a big snow.  And I'm good with that, too.  But for now, it is still autumn in all the best ways.   (Did I really just start one sentence with And followed by one started with But? - Sorry English teachers and writers.)

I decided to take my Bible outside to study today and ended up down by the river...pause while I sing the song  :D...It is a very old river and it is one of the few that flows north.  It is a white water rafting river in the spring and kayaks play on it often.  It is called the Cheat and it from time to time rages uncontrollably.   Today, however, it is low and slow and gurgly...shining in the sun.

Have a look.
Walk down from the road to the river.
It was so hard coming back up that there
was no time for photos!

Calm water about 3 feet deep.  I'm on a big rock.


Me on the rock and in the know?  
Reflectively speaking.

I want to go over to that biggest rock in the center.

Oh, look.  Here I am.
Are these some big rocks, or what?
On the way, I stopped to build an Appalachian Inukshuk.
Looks pretty impressive until you see the size of 
the rocks all around.

Slight change of prespective.

Rock chair.  I can see Natives all over this.

The big rock.  But no other big rocks quite close enough.
But, oh.  Look at this pretty read tree branch.

Oh, a whole tree...growing out of the rocks.
That kind of determination is kind of
like magic to me.
Big rocks tumbled about.  After the last big flood I remember 
that the first white water raft trips were like going 
down a new river because the rocks had been retumbled.

This is what was between me and the rock I wanted to be on.
In the old days I might have just jumped it...but with 
age comes....ummmm, wisdom?  

Another tiny determined plant.

And one last view of the Appalachian Inukshuk before 
I clawed my way back up to the car.

I loved sitting out there in the middle of the river on the rocks and reading the Word of God.  Just doesn't get much better than that.  Now, to carry that peace out to my part of the world.  The people  I can touch...who are in need of peace...much peace.   

Maybe I will show you the river again in the spring......whooooosh!


K said...

Reflectively speaking! HAHAHA!! Good you didn't make the jump - just the suggestion of it started my mama-worst-case-scenerio machine working. It's been a surprising autumn. I thought it was over weeks ago, but it keeps on being utterly beautiful. The great gold tree across the street, though, lost most of its leaves in last night's cold front breeze. So I am urgent about sucking up the beauty while we still can. Seven fat cows - I never forget them.

Donna said...

In my younger days I was much more mountain, I was oh, so conservatively caterpillary! I was down there by myself...but did take the cell phone this time. Didn't bother to check and see if there was service down there, though.
Wonder what this kind of autumn portends for keeps showing the northeast and you as having a better than average winter. I guess better is relative....for me that means lots of snow!
I keep waiting for the next storm to take most of the rest of them down.
Get out there and enjoy...before the cows do their thing!

Rachel said...

I'd have made the jump. :D And fell on my face in the process but even knowing that, I'd have made the jump.

And :D yes, The Natives would be all over that cool looking rock. All of those rocks actually.

But :D (giggling) they'd have to take me along so I could speak reflectively through photos.

Oh my!!!

Rachel said...

P.S. In all seriousness. The thought of being down by the river reading your Bible is such a beautiful picture all by itself. I love 'conversing' with the Lord in nature.

Donna said...

See, that was the thing...missing didn't mean falling on my face, it meant falling down in between two giant rocks into the water! Aging....phhhhttt!

And, but, I still might have if there was someone else with me to rescue me.


Donna said...

I love being out in God's creation, too....I look to the mountains, from whence cometh my strength....

W-S Wanderings said...

With age comes a much harsher gravity. I'm sure of it. I swear that I fall MUCH harder now than I did in my youth. It makes for an impressive splash though.

YOU BUILT AN INUKSHUK!!! And those river rocks are absolutely dreamy in their smooth curves. What a beautiful Bible reading spot, Donna.

Donna said...

I could have spent hours building Inukshuks...and then I wanted to pile piles of those stones in my basket and carry them out to I can build one at home.

It must be gravity. I can remember falling and bouncing right back up when I was younger. Now, I must lay there and make sure everything is still working! hehehehehe.

Supposed to be really nice here on Monday and Tuesday, so maybe I will make it back down there for another of my new favorite places!