Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ladybug Showers, Violets and Red Leaves

We are making progress on the roof...progress like it might be all on today!  Five new windows are in.  The weather is stunningly cooperative (for the last day in the next few).  Some guy from the state came to cite us for paying our helper bees who are not licensed contractors....aaaarrrrggghhh.  But, he said they could finish getting the roof on, so there is that.  Live and learn.
Today it really rained ladybugs...the pictures don't do it justice.  They were everywhere!  Ears, hair, shirts...I only squished one that I know of.
OH!  Everywhere like one just crawled out of my cleavage right now! 
All those tiny dots are ladybugs.

As are all of these...but there were really more than this seems.

On one of my many trips around the yard today, picking up things, moving things and dodging ladybugs this is what I saw.  The purple stopped me in my tracks.  Purple at this time of the year?  Asters, yes, but not low to the ground like this...
Nice, huh?
And I sent out my ornament exchange package to England...wanna see?
My exchange partner has three daughters who are all about pink so I hope they each enjoy one of these especially.  It's my first exchange and I can't wait to see what comes to me....anticipation!


Melissa Plank said...

Your ornaments are so cute! How wonderful about the ladybugs, it feels like you've recieved a blessing and those little violas are super perky, at my old house I sometimes found them blooming right up through the snow, they have a lovely scent. God Bless, I love seeing all the progress!

Donna said...

We usually have tons of violets in the spring, but not this late. I will be happy if I have a hearty patch at my new home.

K said...

I am still trying to decide how to finish up my ornament exchange - my girl is just introducing the Christmas story to her own children, so I am trying to gather some of the essential things - which is part of the reason why I'm so behind. Yours are a-doreable. That purple flower looks like the violets that grow all over my yard - but I haven't seen any in these last many weeks. Don't you love it when the state knows that you, living way up on the top of a hill down a forever long drive, are paying people to help you build your own house? WHO TOLD THEM, I want to know. I'm rollin' up my sleeves, willing to do some righteous whacking. Windows and a roof. NICE.

Donna said...

I knew you would be on my side! Our only guess is that the contractors, actual licensed contractors, that are building the house on the corner may have turned us in. Can't believe it would be any of our neighbors because they want it to be done!
Sending those ornaments was hard. I really like how they turned out and want her to love them, too. I would like to be there to see her give one to each of her girls to open and hang on the tree. Ah, well.

Donna said...

ps...can't wait to see what amazing creation you come up with to tell the Christmas story.

W-S Wanderings said...

Well, I'm flabbergasted about your being cited and am jumping right on in with the righteous whacking. But not until I'm done admiring those happy, happy ornaments.

Donna said...

Thanks for being on my side and willing to righteously whack an unlucky govt worker for me!