Tuesday, October 11, 2011

San Antonio & Progress

I flew, for the weekend,  (which brings up many other thoughts of largesse and blessing) to San Antonio for a Women of Joy conference.  I laughed, I cried, I learned and grew (and not just from all the yummy food).  There was joy, conviction and challenge...oh, and there was San Antonio! 
I was challenged to dance on the battlefield and reminded that we are indeed in a battle in this world.    Battle to be the best I can be as a child of  God and to call others to the dance.  Anita Renfroe (google her, because I don't know how to add that click here thingy)makes me laugh hysterically and the singing always makes me cry...that many  women of  faith singing their hearts out to God...powerful.  I love seeing all of us there together for no other reason than to worship.  We would be a force to be reckoned with if we could hold that power and share it when we get home.
We are not promised one more day...each one is a gift.  I want to wake up every morning and rip that gift open with the abandon of a child...well, I really still do open gifts like that...I can't wait to see what it is...and the gifts that God gives are ever so much better than the best gifts given here...
But I fight my feelings of unworthiness all the time...I know...I shouldn't...and I'm working on it...
So, that was the conference and here's San Antonio:
Good morning!  While we were there it rained some of each day, after a 4 month or so drought,
and they had a little tornado that stacked up about 19 mail trucks.  We couldn't even complain about the rain
because they so needed it and it was still warm, if not hot, outside.  We walked everywhere.

Our hotel used to be First Alamo Bank...can you see the Alamo?  And I just have to say that my
history teacher was not clear enough on the whole Alamo thing...we didn't win!
Just goes to show the power of believing in a cause and being willing to stand up...
I didn't know they lost, but I knew they were courageous to the end...heroes!

The River Walk....amazing.  We took a night time boat ride, but the little
camera just can't do night photos!  Sorry.

We went to the Marketplace and ate at Mi Tierra, because Tanna told me about the tortilla soup! 
She left a good bit of information out....while there....

...we got serenaded...

...and amazed by the decorations!  Yikes.

Hey!  What's wrong with this building?
And speaking of building...while I was away the roofing fairies were hard at work.
They might prefer being called roofing worker bees, but it seemed kind of magical
to go away and come back to a whole new look on the house.

We're going to need lights soon, since they covered up most of the sky light we used to have. 

Ahh, progress....

While the worker bees were working today, I mowed and took the garden fencing down.  I want to move it next year.  As I was taking it down, I found this wonder....and felt bad about messing up the web....

Unwrapping the gift of this day...gratitude for my ever wonderful husband and his worker bees...amazement at the wonders you can find in the garden fence...and joy at being home.  Oh, and anticipation for a fun time at Zumba!  Pretty good gift, huh?


no spring chicken said...

What fun! Anita Renfroe... double the fun!! And then you returned to a roof over your head? You do know how to vacation Donna.

*Sorry about the lack of info on my post. It's a home school ball and everyone attends and dances, from the youngest (must be carried) to the oldest (must be supported)! We have 2 a year and they are grand affairs...

Blessings, Debbie

Donna said...

Debbie, Anita Renfroe makes me laugh so hard. The dances sound like fun...you have a really big home school group.

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Oh, Donna!! Thank you for bringing the rain! Do you think you might make another trip and hit East Texas, too? ;)

Anita Renfro is one amazing woman. Her heart is so full of the Lord and she can make you laugh til you cry! Love her.

So glad you enjoyed your trip to San Antonio and that you came back inspired to find the gift in each and every day... you are inspiring the rest of us!

Oh, you made me wish I were in Mi Tierra! Did you like the tortilla soup or did you try some of their other things? A fun place! Thank you for the photos!!

The house is coming along so well. And, I understand your not wanting to mess up the web... I'll bet she has it spun again by morning! Thanks for the visit. blessings ~ Tanna

Donna said...

Tanna, we did have the tortilla soup and tacos...both yummy! Tortilla soup just seems so darn healthy.
On our drive home from Columbus, strangers from OK told us we must visit East Texas next, too! We are very cool and rainy here today...hope you are getting some relief, too.

W-S Wanderings said...

Look at your house! Winter is starting to look cozier and cozier.

I've been to San Antonio, and the River Walk at night is INCREDIBLE! All of the lights reflecting in the water are mesmerizing.

Donna said...

WSW, my night photos were, shall we say, "artistic"? No matter how many times I tried. So, glad you got to see it in real life.

K said...

Now, look how late I am. Almost a week. And tired. I've been trying to get The Gardener ready to release as an e=book. MAKING BOOK COVERS IS NO FUN. But what fun you had down south! I've never been there. I've never been to a river walk of any kind. Lucky dog, you! The photos you showed us were wonderful, even that spidery neighbor, sitting in her own house. And OH< THE ROOF!! It LOOKS like a house. How breathtaking and exciting. I know this stage. I KNOW it. Dang, once again, I wish the whole group of us here were just sitting around my table -

Donna said...

What all goes into making a book cover for an
e-book? It is important though...the cover is often the reason I pick up a book if I don't already know the author. Have you found some peace with the whole e-book idea? I just read one on my Kindle and loved it so much that I am going to have to have a paper copy now!
If I could come and hang out at your house, then my house would be taking a lot longer to get done!