Monday, October 24, 2011

TALL Ladders, New Windows and a Whimsy

We are getting ever closer to weather tight...a race with the seasons!  When I left on an art job trip to the southern part of the state this morning, we needed 4 more windows and 3 doors.  Tonight we need 2 windows and 2 doors, thanks to Mike for helping my little husband today.

Here is the house on Thursday, last week...

Then, my little husband and I got busy on the TALL ladders:

It is quite the process.  The little middle ladder is for my little husband to climb as he pushes the window up in front of him.  I am waiting inside to grab it and pull it into the window hole.  He holds it in place while I make sure it is level and plumb on the inside.  He nails 2 nails in the top corners.  Then he goes down the little ladder and we both go up the TALL ladders with our nails and hammers to finish nailing.  The last step is putting the weather tight flashing around 3 sides.  We got the 3 windows done on the front!  Even with two fun visits from friends, Karyn, Lydia and Aiden first and then Anne and John, the architect!  It is fun to hear from others how much we have gotten done, since mostly all I can see is how much still needs to be done!
Today, my little husband and Mike got the windows in the back done...but no photos.
Here are the views from some of the windows....ahhhh!  Love it.

I can't wait to watch the scenes change with each season.
We took our Mercy dog with us one day to supervise...she's such a good and pretty girl.

And here is the reason I drove, with my friend Stevie, to the south of the state today.  I got invited to participate in a show called, Whimsy, at Tamarack: The Best of West is my contribution.
She is called, "Tutu Cute" and is framed in a black 11x14 frame.   Did you smile?

Tomorrow we are off to the south of the state again to visit my dad, who is having serious memory issues...dementia? alzheimers?...
He needs some help, but isn't willing just yet.  How do you have that conversation?
Say a prayer, please.   Thanks.


K said...

The pictures your windows make! The land is so beautiful. The house is BIG. You are HIGH UP IN THE FLIPPING AIR. With a hammer. Hmmmm. The woolie is great. We are going to freeze tonight - or close to. And I am tired. I hope you are safely there by now -

Donna said...

No, don't say the house is big...I want a small house! I want to get rid of everything that won't fit in and SIMPLIFY my life.
Being up on that tall ladder is not my favorite place to be, but the view from the windows makes it worth the white knuckled gripping going on.
The trip down was beautiful.
We may get snow this weekend, too.
Cozy up somewhere and rest your weary self somewhere, friend.

Anonymous said...

Hi Donna! Your house looks so good and you have made amazing work!!! Nice to see Mercy after a while! Nero sends his love! 'Tutu Cute' is fantastic and I did laugh - she has a great smile and lovely skirt!
You and your father are in my thoughts!
Thank you for your always sweet comments!
xxx Teje
PS. Your link goes to your other blog.

K said...

Did I say BIG? I meant BIG ON CHARM. It's really quite a simple, cozy house, I think. With enough space to hang interesting things and put nice shelves and drawers in to catch the necessary scraps and threads and ideas. Perfect. A cottage, really.

Donna said...

Yeah. That's what I'm talkin' about...cottage. Actually, I am thinking "Industrial Country Cottage Chic" for my style...

W-S Wanderings said...

You went up on those ladders! I would be TERRIFIED. I had a ridiculous time just trying to get up to our top floor before the stairs were installed, which meant going up only ONE STORY on the ladder. Then I walked about all wobbly legged even though I was on perfectly solid sub-flooring. So, as usual, I am most impressed by your feats! much love for "Tutu Cute".

And "Industrial Country Cottage Chic" - I think that's what I've got goin' on here. Well, more like "Industrial Shabby Barn Farmhouse Chic". Yeah, that's it.

Donna said...

WSW, I don't like going up there much either...a little bit of that vertigo thing going on, but I figure the more that I go up there then eventually it won't bother me anymore.
"Industrial Shabby Cottage Chic" I'm stealing one of your words. Now, I am happy.

no spring chicken said...

Oh my goodness, you're practically ready to move in! I can see it!! :)

Blessings, Debbie

Donna said...

Debbie, we're not really ready to move in, but I do feel a little proud at how much we got done in 4 short months...that seemed to take forever as they were happening! And I can see it now, too!