Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Big Red Truck Machine...and Bricks!

Yesterday, the bricks came.  They came on an amazing truck.  I think when I grow up, I might like to be someone who can invent this kind of stuff.  Really, it is so cool and all controlled by a little hand held remote control gizmo...who thinks like this?  Who figures this stuff out?  I am SO impressed...have a look:
Big red truck all full of bricks and sand and mortar.

10 pallets of bricks...whitish on the outsides.  See the cool cagey things...

Big red scooper upper...and someone figured out exactly how to stack the bricks to leave the holes for the scooper upper to slide into...brilliant, eh?

Here they come!  He directs it all from the little box in his hand and a tap on a corner now and then.

2nd pallet gently lowered to the ground.
See anything cool in this picture?

See the face of the Big Red Truck Machine?
From his other side...looks good from both sides....friendly.

Next a box full of sand that he moved by scooping it up from the bottom...

...and dumped by scooping it up into the air from the top...gravity at work!
More sand and a manual placement of the hook...magic box still in his hand.
This one had to be manually opened and

closed but it uses the same tool that is for putting the hold down straps on and off with.   Good thinking!
He hung the scooper upper on the back of the cab of the truck with only 2 tries!  Practice.

Empty Big Red Truck Machine going home.

So, today we went out to work and it pretty much started raining gently...we continued to work because it felt so good, and Stevie was there to help for the first day.
We built one of the bathroom walls and stood it up.

Oh, and then stopped to smile for the camera that my little husband was trying desperately to keep dry.

And Stevie took a picture of the two of us, since we don't get many with both of us.  Pitiful, huh?


no spring chicken said...

So where did you go to school Donna? I've never met anyone with such a sophisticated vocabulary. ;)

I have to admit big red truck machines with scooper uppers and cage thingys are real neato!!

Blessings, Debbie

Donna said...

Gotta love it, doncha? Many years of teaching K kids help you grow a vocabulary just like mine. Feel free to use what you need! :-)

W-S Wanderings said...

A scooper upper is good solid language. No ambiguity there. I know EXACTLY what a scooper upper is. But, but - wait one cotton pickin' second! Didn't someone around about these parts pick on me about my word selection, or some such thing? Hmmmmmm? Well, I'm happy to have good company :-)

And I know exactly what you mean about the wonder of someone or somemany (don't you dare say a thing) sorting out all of the logistics on these mighty machines. Really. That's a whole lot of attention to detail. Every step of the homebuilding way, there are marvels like this. I remember when they lifted our whole darn house many feet up into the air, and rested it on posts and I-beams. And that wasn't even all that high tech - it was just...crazy.

Your home is coming along beautifully. I like the look of the rain slicked floors. Looks like polished concrete. And all of that space around your home! Wonderful. And you two are just so darn cute!

K said...

Oh, I want you all to come to my house - at one time. We could make up words all day and laugh ourselves to pieces. The right tool for the right job is one of my favorite concepts, and clever people who can think in 3D and function and design these things amaze me. Utterly. I'm with Wab - SO darn cute!

Donna said...

My little husband and I got a chuckle this morning before heading out to La Ti Da - just because we are so darn cute! teehee
You know, for someone who crafts and creates in 3D, I just really cannot "see" parts of my home to be yet. The interior walls are helping, but I can't see how you get upstairs yet at's a mysteriofuddlement to me. How's that for a word???? Wouldn't it be fun to visit and have a laughternoon? See WSW, I am using your word already!

Scoutmaster said...

Gotta love that "WVa Gothic" pose. :) The headband is IT! Thanks for the brick photos.

Donna said...

Yep...that's exactly what he was going for! Glad you recognized the attempt!

Toyin O. said...

Great pictures:)