Sunday, August 21, 2011

Oooh. BIG Boards! and Helper Bees - or Monkeys!

Today we saw a major change in the house...using some BIG boards and lots of helper bees.  It started with my little husband trimming the ends off of 24' glu-lams...3 of them...right from the window.

This is after it got hefted inside from went from the window to rest on the stairs in the middle of the house.

Cutting out the notches to fit on top of the walls...a little power tool...
...and a little hand tool.

Look at all those laminations.  This is only one of the 3 boards we put up.

Suddenly, my helper bees turn into helper monkeys!  Up the ladder to the top of the wall...

...over the wall...

...and onto another ladder.  Ever so much more fun than walking around!
Can you see all the heads?

The half a stair case and the landing sure came in handy.

Part one of the glu-lam up.

Checking the jack posts for level-ness.

Screwing parts one and two together.

Striking a pose!
Evidently someone on the other end had a hold of this,
because these fingertips are not going to be enough!
Olympic hopeful on the beam!

Or maybe that was the long jump and he's measuring his own jump...
or how long the next board needs to be.

Waiting to be told how long...

Rim boards up with the helper monkeys.

Need more boards cut, but the generator is hot and bothered and done for the day,
so we revert to arm power.

Really sharp little saw.

Cut and Carry service.

Put those joists in place...with a hammer, if need be.

Resting monkey.  End of productive 4 hours!

Look at those nice shadows.  I have a lanai in my kitchen for now.

View from as far up as my arm would reach.

Shadows from the landing.

It really was amazing how much we got done with all of the help we had.  Our best friends, our preacher, our Sunday School teacher and another church brother!  When we called they came.  That's what friends and church family are all about.  We were only expecting to get the glu-lam up and we got half a second floor!  Yea!
Tomorrow we are going to get some stones to build a fire pit at a quarry that our friend, Rick, one of the monkeys, knows about...and I have a window story to tell...and the rest of the joists to hang...
Shoot.  I don't even have time for a "real" job! 


K said...

Yep. No time for a "real" job. Story of my little life. We had monkeys too, when we built on our studio - it's amazing to watch them just walking the tops of the walls and the floor joists, so casually. As though they really believe that can't fall. I love it when friends make Many Hands, and a little work turns into a big diff. Very happy! Just like my hay!

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

No time for a 'real job' indeed. I didn't know you were running an Olympic Training Camp, too. hee hee. Y'all are doing an amazing job! Kudos to all of you. blessings ~ Tanna

no spring chicken said...

You actually make building a house look like fun! Good for you. I say you may as well enjoy it if you're doin' it!

Blessings, Debbie

Donna said...

Tanna and Debbie, I sure do appreciate you leaving comments...really. We are enjoying each other and the work. It is SO different for me. I don't know what needs to be done unless I am told, so I can't be in charge and that is a huge relief!

haybales said...

This "worker bee" really enjoyed herself! It was so much fun to work together as a team and reflect upon our accomplishments. I can't wait for the day I can sit in your house and point to that beam and know that I had a part in putting it there!

Donna said...

I love having you there to be a part of this adventure! Here's to lots of days spent sitting in the new house like 2 old farts with nothing better to do!

Melissa Plank said...

This is happy, satisfying work with good friends, Amen!